How Evian Rode The Valentine's Frenzy

February 17, 2014
iloveyoulikebigIn celebration of Valentine?s Day 2014, mineral water brand Evian requested Twitter fans to complete the hashtag #ILoveYouLike. Winners will receive a box of the ?Sugarpova? candy inspired by tennis superstar Maria Sharapova, at the end of the advertising campaign. Currently, Evian has close to 18,000 Twitter followers. Whenever Evian gets a tweet completing the hashtag, the company forwards a Valentine?s message in exchange to the user, which they can share to their partner. This is in part of the Live Young campaign. The Valentine?s campaign is also available on other social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Users have already been tweeting lines to finish #ILoveYouLike. Some posted very sentimental messages for their loved ones while others preferred to share funny lines instead. The campaign is brought by We Are Social and went on until February 14, 2014. There were be 30 alternative love messages that Evian will send back to social media users. Evian promises that these are unique and heart-warming messages that aren?t available in regular card and gift shops.   Some of the tweets from users on #ILoveYouLike include: iloveyoulike1 iloveyoulike2 The hasthag totalled 6.5 million impressions and 2,100 tweets, as of this writing. The Evian social media campaign is a great example of timing hashtag launches perfectly. Social media marketers can use the same approach in anticipating holidays and special events throughout the year to better engage with their target audience.

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