How Often Should You Tweet A Day and Why?

May 20, 2014
There is no universal rule as to the total number of tweets allowed per day although Twitter sets the maximum at 1,000 tweets every 24 hours. It is almost impossible for the average Twitter user to get close to that number, especially if you know the essential rules of tweeting. Know how to tweet with substance, instead of opting for a large quantity that targets only a few people online. Learn how to improve the quality of your tweets and properly time these according to your social media goals.

Frequency Basics

Many social media experts recommend that you tweet twice every hour at most, provided that there are important updates needed for an interesting subject. Tweeting more than that will most likely lead to lost followers. Your followers do not like you to fill their feeds with tweets especially if there is not much information to provide. Special circumstances allow you to tweet more than usual and you will actually get hints that people look forward to more in a shorter period of time. Positive feedback, added followers and several retweets are among clues to watch out for to determine if you should tweet more often or not.

Rules on Tweeting Per Day

1. The subject matter

Begin by picking a subject that will attract several target users. It can be related to your line of business or specialty. Focus on a particular subject or look for news that discuss it further or provide added input which will make great conversation pieces on Twitter. You are only allowed 140 characters per tweet so write your tweet properly so that it provides good content with limited words.

2. Use a hashtag

Instead of flooding other people?s feeds with frequent tweets, use a hashtag instead to funnel users and talk about particular topics using the hashtag. You get to address the target audience without appearing like a spammer by using hashtags. A successful hashtag campaign also brings more followers and sets up your reputation positively on the social media network.

3. Know your target audience

Determine the times of day that your target audience usually visits Twitter then tweet during these specific periods to ensure that they get to read and respond accordingly. You can discover the specific times by doing some research, using hashtag analytics tools and actually communicating with them during certain times of the day.

4. Follow up tweets

Frequency is allowed especially if you are following up data on the main or first tweet. Provide updates regularly to keep social media users interested and invite other social media leaders to join the conversation. Retweet some of their related posts. Keep other people involved and they will allow you to post more tweets than usual. Also learn when to stop tweeting and minimize your posts. If you notice a drop in responses or even get negative feedback, reduce your tweets and improve on the quality of the content. Delete some tweets if necessary and take a break from tweeting for a few hours before posting the next one.  

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