Twitter Users Can Now Shop for Amazon Products via #AmazonCart

May 7, 2014
amazoncartAmazon and Twitter have joined forces to ensure no individual will ever be stopped from shopping when browsing online. On May 5, 2014, it was announced that Twitter users may now add items to their shopping carts on Amazon just by tweeting. Social media users can add items in their carts on Twitter by simply replying to the tweet featuring a product, then adding the hashtag #amazoncart. When the Twitter user visits Amazon.com, the purchase may be finalized and paid for. Initially, social media users joked around and were not too intent on using the primary purpose of #amazoncart. About 10 percent of tweets using the hashtag featured a link to Amazon products. ?Although people may not realize the true potential of the hashtag, Twitter, Amazon and related businesses offering products were successful in increasing exposure and brand awareness to potential and current customers. Amazon improved by 18 percent from 2013 to the first few months of 2014, reaping about $15.5 billion in sales. Some users are still skeptical about the true value of the service and hashtag. Considering the fact that businesses use either Twitter or Amazon or both to feature their products, it is only sensible that both websites collaborate to provide a dynamic shopping experience for everyone. The idea of using Twitter to search and buy products may seem foreign to many in the meantime, but the approach makes it more convenient for people to acquire product information, compare features and read reviews. In the end, they can simply use the hashtag to purchase the product or look for other similar or related items. To start using the service, users have to connect their Twitter and Amazon accounts. The official @MyAmazon account will tweet back and the user will get an email that they added an item to their shopping cart after using #AmazonCart. This way, people do not have to shift between webpages to shop and review. Here's a video of how it's done.

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