Promoting Hashtag-Driven Events: Three Key Strategies

July 29, 2013
Twitter is fast becoming one of the premier online sites preferred by marketers because of hashtags. Events can now target the right people and guarantee huge attendance through hashtags. Even though these are already promotional tools on their own, there are still steps and approaches that will boost the event further. Learn how to keep the trend strong and focus on the subject for more benefits.

1. Target key individuals

When promoting hashtag-driven events, look for key individuals who also have a huge following and are highly influential in social media sites. These people are leaders in social media who belong in your target demographic and are highly active. They employ various tools and functions on Twitter and other social media sites to help spread the information about your event. Follow or add these people online then tag them in your posts occasionally. One of your main objectives is to have the event appear on their timeline or feeds so others can be informed and join too. Simply type the ?@? symbol followed by the account name of the target person. Also include the hashtag and other relevant links. Tweet the hashtag a few times each day and use related keywords, links and materials to entice more people and grab their attention. It is important to also join conversations and chats initiated by these influential leaders. Send them private messages occasionally and share some related content in their chats. You will be much appreciated and they will most likely provide some useful content when they join your event. They can share your posts and tweet independently to market the upcoming activity on your behalf by sharing your hashtag. Let's have a look at the event hashtag for the Rugby Music Festival #WomenLeadershipSummit in June 26. At its peak, the hashtag generated 194 tweets and made half a million impressions.

2. Manage the conversation

Events guided by hashtags should be managed accordingly by providing regular updates as well as sharing good quality content. The trend will continue to run well if there are always fresh and reliable information in the form of articles, blogs, photos, videos and other online materials. Those who use the hashtag can also provide links and photos of their own which will match the topic. Guide the conversation and reply promptly to concerns and questions. Provide accurate responses and also ask questions to keep the topic going. Always guide the online users so that the conversation stays within topic. Talk about the event and provide some insight on the things to expect and other related activities. Continue discussing the event before, during and after. People online should stay notified even if they?re not attending. The event hashtag #FeedTheFuture posted live updates of the events on Capitol Hill on July 26 for the benefit of those who could not be physically present but want to participate online. event3

3. Start a contest

Initiating a competition or raffle will increase user engagement and entice more people to use the hashtag. There are several styles in hosting a contest such as inviting online users to tweet with the hashtag or share content or photos and then using the hashtag. You can choose the best photo that promotes the business or event. Provide a grand prize and consolation prizes to invite more people to become part of the whole affair. #RugbyMusicFest, for one, is giving out shirts. event4 And here's Magic City with its model car giveaway. event5 Take time to monitor how the hashtag-driven event is doing using analytic tools online. Evaluate the results and improve on certain areas as necessary. If your hashtag is generating a lot of retweets or scoring well in analytics counters, carry on -- it's working. If it's not getting the attention you would have liked, despite the offer of prizes, perhaps you should change your marketing strategy (or maybe get a clearer hashtag).  

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