How To Drive The Right Audience To Your Twitter Account

July 28, 2013
There are so many things that you can do to bring more people to your Twitter account whether you?re marketing a company or casually using social media. These approaches are free so you don?t have to worry about investing much in ads and promotions. The idea is to grab the attention of the right audience and maintain their interest throughout to convert contacts into loyal followers. How do you make sure that you're attracting the right followers?

1. Create a hashtag

Hashtags will arrange topics into categories for Twitter users to easily search and join. Using 2 to 3 hashtags maximum with your tweets will promote these well. You can talk about recent issues, upcoming events and general topics regularly by using hashtags. These are beneficial in letting you meet people with similar interests. You also have to maintain the conversation by encouraging people to interact and share content. You can gain a lot of new followers by successfully launching a hashtag.

2. Start a contest

To usher people to your Twitter account, host a competition that will encourage people to start using your products or spread brand awareness. Also provide a variety of prizes then make a hashtag for the contest. Try various strategies, such as asking people to tweet with the hashtag, sharing photos of themselves using the product or visiting the store or tweeting reasons why they deserve to win. Let the contest run for a few days or weeks then announce the big winner via a raffle or a panel of judges.

3. Twitter directories

When using search engines, you will discover a number of Twitter directories that contain names of regular Twitter users. These can also be arranged in groups so you can choose those who matter most to your online objectives. Provide full information about yourself to increase the chances of others following online. Also pick directories or categories that relate well to your specific field or interests.

4. Live Chat

Host a live event to immediately bring a lot of people to your Twitter account. You can discuss and announce ongoing sports events, fashion shows, races and concerts. Look for a particular event that you?re interested in then share the information to your target audience live. You can create a buzz by announcing the live chat days before the big event. Keep people updated with the statistics to encourage them to keep following.

5. Writing blogs and articles

Online users like to get fresh and informative material on Twitter. If you regularly provide articles and blogs, you establish yourself as a rich and reliable source of information on the social media site. People will keep coming back to your Twitter account for new updates and unique information that cannot be found elsewhere. Guest posting or blogging is also recommended for people who don?t have their own blog account or website.

6. Post photos

Tweets and posts will be more attractive if you include photos. Use pictures you have taken yourself or get some from the internet as long as these are pertinent to your cause and objectives. People will be more likely to go to your account if you offer visual appeal. These simple steps will establish your reputation on Twitter and help you gain new and loyal followers.

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