How To Keep Your Account Fresh And Interesting

February 18, 2013
Maintaining your Twitter account is generally fun and easy. You can make a few small changes every week to ensure that you get more followers consistently. The account has to be interesting and provide rich and unique information that people can actually use. You can also make use of different Twitter tools and third-party apps that will improve the appearance of your account. Investing in a number of techniques and staying updated will enhance the way you communicate with potential clients.

Preserving Your Account's Timeliness

1. Provide fresh content.

Content is the most important consideration when creating a Twitter account and posting on the website. You should be the first when it comes to updates and the latest trends and developments in the industry. Over time, people will quickly refer to you as the leading source of good and unique information because you do your research in advance from reputable sources. People will be more likely to follow you online if they can get quick and factual information from your account.

2. Provide links.

Linking to videos, other websites and other sources of information on the internet will help people compare views and details. Showing links will also prove that you get information that is backed by actual news and research. People will be more likely to believe in what you?re saying if you link to other reputable sources online. It will help to be connected to other experts in the field who can provide you with new information.

3. Provide media content.

Feel free to include photos, videos and articles that will make your posts more meaningful. Even if you?re only posting a short tweet, putting a photo or article with it makes everything more interesting. People are more inclined to read and learn more about the information you put if you include pictures and other visually appealing materials. You can make your own materials and have people download these.

More Things to Spark the Interest of Followers

4. Start a hashtag.

A hashtag is an online conversation that focuses on a particular topic and always starts with a hash (#) symbol. Try making a hashtag that?s related to your business or a new issue that people are interested in. Check online news to come up with a hashtag about an upcoming event. When functioning as a moderator, be sure to manage how the conversation takes place. Ask questions and answer queries immediately. Choose a hashtag that?s easy to remember and understand. A good-trending hashtag can bring in hundreds of new followers in a few hours or days.

5. Start a contest.

Launch a contest online to boost the interest of your potential market on Twitter. Ask people to take photos of themselves using your product or think of other related but equally interesting approaches then provide a prize at the end of the competition. Starting an online contest is one of the best ways to keep things fresh and interesting. You will be remembered well by others depending on how you operate and keep providing information. Make sure that you give updates and useful information as the contest progresses.

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