How Well Was Your Hashtag Contest Received?

March 27, 2013
Getting more followers on Twitter is a huge deal and there are actually several strategies you can adopt to make this happen and boost your company's online presence. A hashtag contest is one of the most reliable ways to make an impact and catch the attention of your target audience immediately. Social analytics is also another tool that you can get a lot of information from. You can then use these information to appropriately adjust your marketing strategies toward maximum possible benefits. You will realize how useful analytics are in evaluating how effective your hashtag contest had been, so that you can make the necessary adjustments for the next one. Holding contests on Twitter is a great way to get yourself and your brand known, but without the right strategies, efforts will be for naught. Here's how to determine how well your contest was received.

About Analytics

Social analytics is a social media tool that will provide online companies and users the needed information to track their activities and progress on social media networks. You can get pertinent and specific data about the people who followed you, individuals who were interested and joined in conversations and created hashtags, as well as how people found your past events. The analytics tool can provide you with a presentation such as a graph or a percentage on how well your hashtag contest did. You can basically find out how your hashtag performed since the tool will give you full information on the impressions and tweets generated by your creation. There are a number of trusted social analytics tools and websites online that will provide you with accurate and reliable data every time. You can immediately view the top trending hashtags and get further information about these through graphs. You also discover how well the hashtag did in the past 24 hours (and even in the past year) and if it is bound to stay for a longer period of time. More companies are relying on hashtag analytics to make adjustments to their strategies and hopefully entice more people to join future contests. Let's have a look at some hashtag contests conducted in March 2013. You'll how many tweets or impressions they have in a certain period.?Using analytics, you'll also see what other hashtags were used with it and who the top posters are. Knowing the most frequent users of your hashtag are will help toward developing brand evangelists in the future.

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About the Hashtag Contest and Results

When hosting a hashtag contest, there are number of rules to follow to guarantee its success. Make sure that you give out information early on to have more participants. Also let the potential participants know about the exciting prize or reward. Set the rules of the contest early on and provide them with all the details. You can start a hashtag for the contest and even view how well it fared through analytics. The hashtag should increase the excitement of your target audience as the date draws nearer. contest1 contest2 contest3 The hashtag analytics will provide you with all the necessary data such as other top-trending hashtags, what users are saying about the hashtag contest, the total tweets and impressions made in one hour, who the top and most relevant users are and other related hashtags. You can later on access the key individuals who made the hashtag contest a success and invite them for future events and activities. Future campaigns will benefit a lot from the information you can acquire from social analytics. You can also gauge how your business is doing compared to others in the same industry. Using an analytics tool for hashtags and contests is simple and easy, which is why more companies make it an indispensable part of their overall plan and strategy.

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