7 Social Media Trends You Must Never Miss

March 11, 2013
Social media is one of the most powerful platforms available for marketers. You can access thousands of people in just a few minutes and have your company and its relative offers known to the target market quickly. You also have to be aware of the most popular social media trends so you can invest in the right vehicles that will be most useful to your cause and render the results you?ve always wanted. Here are social media trends that any marketer should know.

1. Social media sites have millions of users.

This is a well-known fact -- but what marketers should be aware of is that close to 58 million people in the United States alone are registered users of various social media sites. From 2011 to 2012, the number of Americans using social media has increased by 4% to 22%. According to research, Americans use social media to communicate with family and friends primarily, followed by entertainment purposes and finally for career or business opportunities. That's a huge and growing market to tap, so you must always be on the lookout for fresh clients.

2. The top sites.

The two biggest social media networks on the internet are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is number one when it comes to connecting companies or brands to customers. Almost 80% of clients like to know more about brands using Facebook. Twitter, on the other hand, leads when it comes to engaged users. A lot of businesses invest in Twitter ads and accounts because people find it easier to follow companies through the microblogging giant.

3. More people follow brands.

Based on research, there is a significant rise in the number of people who follow brands using social media networks. This means that people today prefer online platforms to become more familiar with companies and get their latest updates from social media. Read more about branding yourself on social media.

4. Daily deals are not popular anymore.

Only 23% of people using social media are registered in daily deal services like Groupon. It seems that people are becoming more conscious on the things they spend on and likes to make sure that their purchases lead to considerable returns over time.

5. Targeting the youth.

Individuals from the age of 18 to 24 have the most friends among all other age groups using social media. The information will be helpful for online advertisers since young social media users like to repost and share interesting information?and offers they find online. Read more about reaching your target market.

6. Not all social media users are sociable.

About 34% of social media users only tend to read and acquire information without posting or sharing anything. They have online friends and contacts but prefer to stay quiet. Marketers can tap into this huge market by starting topics that spark their interest.

7. There are now fewer check ins.

Some networks like Foursquare are experiencing drops in terms of user activity. The main reason is that people are concerned about their safety and privacy. Marketers can improve the situation by offering rewards or starting contests that encourage people to check in. Overall, while the basic rules of marketing are eternal, there are social media trends that evolve and change as customer preferences do the same. Marketers should always be on their toes when it comes to client likes and dislikes so they don't waste any time and resources on strategies that may have worked in the past but certainly do not work now.

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