Is It Time to Rebrand Yourself On Twitter?

March 11, 2013
Many business owners and marketers are thinking of rebranding themselves on Twitter, with the goal to either awaken its existing clientele or usher in a new type of market. The approach can lead to a number of advantages and pitfalls. You need to consider the options carefully and determine the essential reasons so you can make the right move and not lose clients in the process. Rebranding can be good for your business if you see some of the warning signs of staleness or even loss. Is it time to remake your image online?

1. You?re losing followers.

One of the telltale signs that your online business needs rebranding is regular loss of followers. You can determine how many and which people have unfollowed you in the past few days or weeks simply by looking at your dwindling statistics. Think of some of the possible reasons why these individuals lost interest. Do you tweet too much? Or too little? Are your tweets relevant, at all? If you lose some of your most relevant followers, it may be time to consider rebranding.

2. You?re losing money.

The business may be showing a decline in income in the past months. Perhaps you haven?t offered anything new or the new products and services are not selling the way you envisioned. Lowering sales and income show that there are adjustments that need to be done on the way you conduct your business. One of the major moves involve rebranding the business completely to give it a whole new look. This is all the more true if your marketing strategy is largely rooted online.

3. Customers are bored.

You might get comments and feedback that there is nothing new to find in your offers and company. When you create hashtags or start conversations, there might not be a lot of people participating or sharing their thoughts or views. Some individuals tend to keep quiet and look for other interesting places on Twitter to get relevant information. One of the main causes is failure to update yourself with the recent changes and trends in the market. Have a look at Amazon (@Amazon). While it is already a huge brand name known worldwide, it never fails to present something that would keep its followers interested and engaged, such as introducing contests, showcasing new items or simply greeting followers. rebrand2

4. You get negative responses.

Online users may be talking about your company in a negative way. Perhaps a failed campaign or product in the past may have led to irreparable or permanent damage. The only thing left to do may be to help people forget about everything and come up with a completely new brand or name or come up with a new promotion. In the case of UK grocery store @WaitRose, when it's hashtag #waitrosereasons generated a lot of negative comments, instead of its intended positive promo, what it did was make light of the situation. The company showed that it appreciated the comments and, hopefully, used them to improve its services. rebrand1

5. New competitors.

Twitter is constantly introducing new products that cater to businesses everywhere. You may also notice how new businesses in the same field are constantly entering. The first step is innovation so that your company can continue to contend with the new breed. However, if these businesses offer very interesting information and products, mere adjustments may not be enough. You might need to revamp the entire business plan and come up with something just as new.

6. New partnerships.

If you decide to venture out with another company to battle the new entries, it may be a good idea to rebrand by introducing the merger between two existing companies. This is a good move for businesses that have created a good reputation online. People will believe that they will be getting more because of the credentials and experience of the merging groups. Come up with an interesting concept and reintroduce yourselves to current and potential clients. It always helps to stay updated and introduce new concepts every now and then to keep Twitter users interested. Keep your online presence fresh?and constantly evolving alongside customer needs. Often, all you really need is a good enough program that would remind the public that you exist and continue to provide quality service.

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