Twitter And Your Social CRM Strategy

April 26, 2013
Content marketers are targeting various online places to expand their network while keeping in touch with relevant customers. CRM, or customer relationship management, has to be done using various platforms on the internet since people frequent a number of sites. Social media networks are full of potential and current customers that businesses have to target more effectively. Twitter, being one of the biggest social media sites, should be included in your social CRM strategy. You will find several tools and features on the website that can be used to your advantage for the long term.

The Advantages of Social Media

Social media sites like Twitter are quickly becoming the most preferred venue by social marketers. More marketers are using social media sites today compared to a few years before, aiming to provide more content to target customers. There are several things to expect from Twitter for content marketers.

1. Wide Market

Social media sites like Twitter have hundreds of millions of users who visit several times each day. This is a huge opportunity for companies to target people and introduce their products and offerings to a bigger customer base. More people today are relying on social media sites to acquire information which also explains why more advertisers are investing in social media ads and tools. You can target thousands of customers in just a few days by tweeting and sharing useful information online. Some of the strategies used include Promoted Trends, Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Hashtags.

2. Targeting Specific Customers

Twitter introduces a number of tools such as hashtags and conversations that will lead customers to the right company or place where they can find all related items based on their specific interests. Companies can target relevant users and do not have to worry about random visitors that will not lead to actual sales. It is important to get in touch with the right customers to save time, money and effort. Twitters can categorize topics according to the particular needs and interests of users. Find out what's trending in your specific area by looking at the left side of your Twitter timeline. Alternatively, you can also discover what's trending elsewhere in the world by changing the settings on the same area. crm1

3. Mobile Advantages

Content and CRM marketers can also improve and maintain relationships with customers regardless of the time and location. Business owners can log on to Twitter using mobile devices and smart phones. They can tweet and update information every now and then as well as answer questions from related users. People can also initiate activities at any time and manage conversations and hashtags they?ve created. It is ideal to set up a separate account on Twitter to handle CRM concerns.

Social Media Activities and Some Key Facts

CRM marketers now use anywhere between 3 and 5 social media sites to get in touch with their target demographic. Twitter is the second most used social media site when it comes to marketing, LinkedIn being the first. Traditional CRM strategies will still work to a certain degree such as sending email, calling and meeting clients personally. However, these tend to consume a lot of time and money. Social media CRM strategies offer a cost-effective and beneficial solution that allows companies to focus on content marketing. crm2 crm3 crm4 Content marketing is defined as providing relevant and useful information to customers to increase brand awareness and boost relationships. As a result, it leads to increased sales and loyal customers. You can also forge alliances with other top businesses in the industry by sharing and acquiring content. Some of the things that can be addressed by content marketing effectively include lack of budget, inadequate integration in marketing, insufficient training, vision and knowledge, lack of tools or ability to determine and assess effectiveness of content and low availability of content marketers. Using Twitter will be very helpful in enhancing social CRM strategy by targeting more key users and responding to the particular needs and interests of customers.

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