What Are Promoted Tweets?

September 17, 2012
Twitter?is one of the top social media networks as it provides a very easy and convenient way for people to share news and get connected. Tweets are the main mode of communication on the platform, where people have to post or retweet?in just 140 characters or fewer. Promoted Tweets are quite similar to regular tweets but will be more useful for online marketers. There are several ways to use these to your best advantage.

Describing Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets are regular tweets that are created by online advertisers who wish to get in touch with more online users or initiate conversations with current fans and followers. These will function the same way as regular tweets and can also be retweeted, shared?and replied to. Here are some things you should understand about promoted tweets. ? When visiting or logging on to Twitter.com, you will find Promoted Tweet at the top portion of the related search results. Promoted Tweets by companies and individuals who advertise on the social media site will be featured on these pages via a number of ecosystem associates. ? Many companies partner with Twitter to help promote their brands and products. Promoted Tweets usually appear in a user?s timeline especially if the advertising partner featured a Tweet relevant to the user. ? There are desktop applications and platforms where Twitter users can feature Promoted Tweets, like TweetDeck. You can also do this via these applications' mobile versions. ? One of the main advantages of a Promoted Tweet is that advertising companies can present these only to individuals and followers who can truly help the business. The targeted approach will be useful to avoid visitors who belong to a different category and have no interest in the information.

Targeting Customers

One of the main advantages of using Twitter as a marketing tool is reaching the potential customers who will mean the most to your business. You can increase the reach of the campaign and save time and energy by only targeting the people who can help boost income and spread your good reputation. ? Promoted Tweets will help companies and advertisers get in touch with users. Those who rely on Twitter when searching for products, services and groups will find the most related topics when they reach the results page. ? Promoted Tweets in timelines will improve the way messages are displayed to current fans and followers. Even the followers of your own followers will get your Promoted Tweets if you target the timelines of those users. These will appear at the upper part of the timelines whenever the homepage is refreshed or as soon as they log on to the website. ? Messages can be posted using specific platforms and mobile devices, such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. ? Promoted Tweets can also target certain localities. You can set the campaign on a regional or national level. ? Promoted Tweets are useful for virtually any kind of company, project or campaign. These can be utilized by new businesses, budding entrepreneurs, long-standing business, political campaigns, marketing campaigns, shows and concerts. To further strengthen your marketing strategy, you can also take advantage of the Enhanced Profile Page?customization feature Twitter offers to businesses and brands.

Key Questions About Promoted Tweets

1. Will your target customers find the Promoted Tweets on their timeline frequently?

? In usual cases, a Promoted Tweet will only be visible on a user?s timeline once. This will be found at or close to the top of the timeline. Similar to regular Tweets, the Promoted Tweet will then scroll through the timeline. ? The goal of the website is to provide an interactive experience to online users without invading their privacy; so Promoted Tweets will be managed carefully. ? If you find a Promoted Tweet in your timeline, you will only see it once.

2. Does Twitter classify Promoted Tweets to target certain online users more?

? Yes. Twitter uses different types of information and signals to ensure that online users receive Promoted Tweets that will be relevant, based on their own use and searches.

3. Can the Promoted Tweet be removed by users should they find it on their timeline?

? Yes. Users who are uninterested in the Promoted Tweet can easily close it by clicking the 'Dismiss' button. This option is available on the Tweet itself.

A New Self-Service Update on Twitter

Advertisers can now manage different features and aspects of their campaign on Twitter with the help of two new self-service features. The Twitter development team announced that the self-service approach will provide a more convenient way for small businesses to use Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. Several initial advertisers of these strategies are recognizing success and getting very good outcomes using the platform. The first of the two improvements is the graph where online users can monitor their growth and progress. Followers can then be classified into paid and non-paid. The second feature involves choosing and adjusting a promoted tweet. Companies can easily set the tweets if they wish to promote these or keep it going like a regular post.

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