Should You Be Friends With Your Boss On Social Media?

March 27, 2013
Social media now allows people to engage with individuals from all walks of life. You can communicate with others located in the remotest locations and even the nearest ones -- that includes your own boss. Although most people would stay away from their superiors online for fear of sacrificing their privacy, there are others who add their boss to their list of online friends. You have to consider the pros and cons carefully before you decide.

The Advantages

1. Create a bond.

Employees can actually be good friends with their boss in social media networks. This affords you opportunities to find out whether you have the same interests as your superior. People can talk about politics, sports, hobbies and their kids online. This will also help you feel more relaxed when outside the office. You will realize that it increases accessibility, so you can talk to your boss in a different kind of way and add more personality to casual conversations.

2. Know what your boss wants.

Employees can get details about their boss?s expectations based on what are posted online. You can submit a report earlier or change your work habits to seem more competent to your boss. You will be much appreciated for your efforts as you function and add value to the company. Social media is a place where people can share their sentiments and opinions about matters in and out of the office. Take time to read posts, blogs and articles from your boss to know the type of work that he expects. Read more about maintaining a professional Twitter profile.

3. Add efficiency to work.

Social media allows you to use a variety of apps and features that will make work easier in the office. You can upload files and documents, ask questions and even have online meetings and sessions with your superior. The two of you don?t have to meet in the office or discuss matters over the phone. You can do video calls and start conferences online. Share downloadable material and other useful content online. Read more about getting away with social media at work.

4. Know the pattern.

You can determine the working patterns of your boss and use it to become more efficient at the office. Try to find out how often he posts and what time he sleeps at night. You might even discover that he starts conversations and topics online to communicate with clients better. Make him a mentor who can guide you toward your professional goals. Today, social media lets executives and company leaders to engage with the target market in a more personal way. You should also do the same.

The Drawbacks

1. Watch everything you post.

If you?re connected with your boss on social media, you have to be careful about the things you post online or these can reflect negatively on his or her impression of you. Many superiors will get an idea about your true motives and attitude by reading your tweets and browsing your pictures. You have to take out the ones that might compromise your position in the company. Read more about the risks of using social media at work.

2. Less freedom.

Your boss can access you easily through social media even if you may be unavailable at the office or via phone. Social media networks improved the way communication is done so your boss might give you tasks and assignments regardless of the time and where you are. For some people, letting their boss in on their activities outside of the office places them in an awkward situation at the office. Overall, being friends with your boss online is good, as it will certainly help build a strong relationship based on shared interests. However, if you're type whose out-of-office personality is different from the workplace, then it might not be a good idea. Read more about separating your personal and professional Twitter accounts.  

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