Top 12 Twitter Advice for Career Growth

October 16, 2012
Twitter is used by various companies and individuals for a number of objectives. There are groups that focus on advertising. Others are more concerned about spreading news about upcoming campaigns, programs and events. There are also people who simply wish to socialize and gain a following on the social media site. Many do not realize that Twitter can also be a very effective tool to improve and develop your career. Yes, the seemingly informal Twitter platform can actually be a helpful avenue by which to launch your next important job.

Making A Professional Impression

1. Make a good profile.

Your Twitter profile should portray you as a qualified and capable individual. The idea is to make use of the available space provided on Twitter to present yourself as a professional. Some of the things to include are a photo of yourself and other details like professional and work interests. Use your real name as a handle to give it an authentic feel.

2. Things to share.

When posting on Twitter, make sure that the ideas and messages you share are relevant and helpful. Avoid posting things that portray you in a negative or unprofessional way. You should also show concern for other individuals (your followers) and make posts more interesting by offering help or even putting a link to your blog post or website.

3. Show that you?re a team player.

The goal is to show how you can relate well with others and introduce yourself as a useful part of a team or community. Twitter chats will show your skill in engaging and present your talent in decision-making and growing discussions. Read more about 'Twitter Etiquette' to be familiar with the proper decorum online.

4. How to follow.

Be sure to choose the people you follow on Twitter well. The individuals you follow should be relevant to your professional goals. Do not simply aim to garner more followers for the sake of increasing the number. The list should be manageable and the information you receive helpful in your professional objectives.

5. Stay updated.

Follow individuals and users that will effectively aid you in your professional development. Stay updated with the latest news in the industry and retweet these as needed.

6. Innovate.

Posting new information that?s highly related to the industry will impress potential employers and show how you constantly aim to keep up with new innovations and can adapt to change. Also, try to look for information that is specific to your area or location.

7. Stay professional.

Be careful about the kind of language you use online. Never share pictures of yourself partying or getting drunk. Also block unruly users online instead of setting yourself up to a potentially heated exchange for everyone to see.

8. Be casual.

It?s also good to show and share what you do for leisure. This will give an impression that you are a well-balanced individual who can adjust between work, play and family life. Potential employers will like the idea that you also have stress-reducing measures to continue to be effective in the workplace for the long term.

9. Be original.

Twitter should be used to express yourself as a unique individual. Do not keep retweeting or copying other people?s tweets. Think of short and witty quotes then post these to let your potential employers know about your personality.

10. Look for leaders.

Look for mentors and coaches who can guide you in your relative professional goals. Employers will also check which people you look up to for advice.

11. Learn to research.

Twitter can be used as a helpful aid when doing research. The RSS feeds and search function on the website can be used to look for relevant issues and personalities. Read 'Top Twitter Hashtags For The Jobseeker' for the best resources to start your job search, or simply scan the field for potential career opportunities.

12. Get help.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice or support when looking for the right job. Twitter has communities that you can be a part of, complete with the right individuals who can guide you through the process. In this day and age of the Internet, landing a serious job via Twitter is not a far-fetched idea. In a micro-blogging site, however, how you package and brand yourself is everything. If you must, keep your professional profile separate from your personal profile. Happy job hunting!

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