Official Twitter Accounts of Top Universities in the US

February 21, 2013
If you?re aiming to become part of a university or are already a student in one, it will be ideal to be a follower of the official Twitter account to stay updated on the recent news and events on campus. A lot of colleges and universities have also created hashtags where students, faculty, alumni, as well as potential enrollees can learn more about the activities and get recent developments and news -- even job postings. Here are 15 top universities in the US and their respective official accounts. *Note: Follower numbers are as of February 2013.

1. Harvard University (@Harvard)

The hashtag #Harvard involves a variety of posts from graduates and students, as well as those looking forward to become part of the most famous Ivy League in the world. It also talks about the different experiences of famous individuals who used to be part of the school. To date, it has 198,500 followers.

2. MIT (@MITnews, #MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has created a solid reputation for coming up with the best engineers, computer experts and math whizzes. It generally talks about the various events within campus and, sometimes, advice on how to get in and get jobs. It currently has over 50,200 followers.

3. Stanford University (@Stanford, #GoStanford)

Stanford is one of the most popular universities on Twitter. The hashtag #GoStanford becomes especially popular during games as tweets usually revolve around the results of recent sporting events. It presently has almost 107,000 followers.

4. UCLA (@UCLA, #ucla)

The University of California hashtag #UCLA is one of the most updated hashtags, sharing news about its various sporting events, academic activities and newly opened online store. At present, the Twitter account has 28,200 followers.

5. Boston University (@BU_Tweets, #BU)

The hashtag talks about different events and activities in school, such as upcoming games and interschool competitions. It has 23,000 followers.

6. University of Michigan (@umich, #UMich)

The #UMich hashtag is popular as it generally focuses on football. It has around 34,000 followers.

7. Northwestern University (@NorthwesternU, #Northwestern)

Football fans also visit the hashtag a lot especially during football season. It has 15,700 followers.

8. University of Texas, Austin (@UTAustin)

The account comes to life whenever football season comes around. Otherwise, it posts updates on campus activities and student/alumni news. It currently has 44,800 followers.

9. Yale University (@Yale, #Yale)

A lot of people visit the account to share their experiences when coming to the school for a visit. Yale students also tweet about their daily experiences on campus. It presently has 57,700 followers.

10. University of Notre Dame (@NotreDame, #NotreDame)

The hashtag talks about the daily lives of students and teachers. You can also get the latest news and updates about conference and school activities. It has 19,600 followers.

11. Brown University (@BrownUniversity)

Brown University belongs to the Ivy League and its Twitter account proves that it is, with updates on in-campus events, conferences and interesting stories about its current students and alumni. The account presently has almost 25,000 followers.

12. Duke University (@DukeU)

The account is a haven for current and former students students talking about their teachers, coaches and classmates. You can also get the latest updates about the university from this page. It currently has 6,400 followers.

13. Indiana University (@IndianaUniv)

The account currently has 21,000 followers and contains announcements on student and faculty achievements, as well as other news on in-campus activities.

14. University of Illinois (@Illinois_Alma)

The university hashtag shares recent issues and news about the school. You can also view announcements and tips on admission and campus life. It presently has 11,000 followers.

15. Columbia University (@Columbia)

The hashtag is trending well and usually sends out invitations and announcements to become part of the many projects and causes that the school supports. It also posts interesting factoids on New York City, where it is located. It now has 15,000 followers.

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