Twitter Evolves Into A Content Platform With 'Discover'

August 3, 2012
Twitter's newest platform upgrade features not only a more crisp and streamlined design, it also shows us a glimpse of what it could evolve into in the next months -- a content curator. Early Twitter users know of the platform as a way to share information through under 140 characters of text or links. If you need to see a photo or link attached, you will be taken outside of the platform to view it. The 'Discover' tool changes the way micro-bloggers experience Twitter. Now, users can enjoy actual content and articles about things that are curated specifically according to their interests -- and without needing to leave the platform. The Discover feature happens in two ways. You either type a keyword into the search box and all articles on it will be drawn up, or you can simply browse through what's being listed because they ARE especially classified for you. Here's how it will look if you click 'Discover'. To enhance your Discover experience, Twitter has provided tabs that further classify content or expand your network. You will see these tabs at the right side of your Discover page.

About Discover Tabs


Here you will find stories that are just breaking on Twitter and they usually come from the people you follow and those that they follow. You get to see the title of the article, a part of the first paragraph and an attribution to the user who had shared it. (See the photo above) This way, you get to decide if it really interests you before you click it and get led outside of the platform. Previously, all you see is the personalized text introduction on the body of the tweet and a shortened URL. With the actual first sentence and title visible, you can better manage your Twitter time and tailor-fit the micro-blogging experience to things that you care about.


This is where you see the latest Retweets, Favorites and Follows made by the users you follow in one thread.

Who To Follow | Find Friends

Based on your own network, Twitter will recommend a list of new user accounts that may be of interest to you. This is a great way to make new connections on Twitter or engage with more like-minded users. You can also look for friends and colleagues by importing addresses from your email address book through Find Friends.

Browse Categories

This tab recommends a list of popular and well-liked Twitter accounts organized according to interests you share with these users. While it only shows a fraction of the many people who might want to follow on Twitter, it's a great place to start, especially if you've just created an account. This is how it will look.

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