Schools Use Social Media To Protect Students Online

September 2, 2013
glendaleEducational institutions are taking social media use one step further by providing monitoring safety measures for students. A number of public educators aim to start the school year by creating or expanding programs in which they can watch students closely via social media platforms. Particularly, Glendale Unified School District invested some $40,000 on a new strategy so that thousands of its students can stay safe and secure while using the internet and social media sites. There are several problems that parents and teachers are concerned about with regard to teenagers and children using social media. One of the main thrusts is to maintain the safety of students and create a healthy environment that is free of problems like harassment, cyber-bullying and hacking. Several online venues contain explicit content, exposing students to curse words, sex and pornography, as well as online stalkers and hackers. There are services available now that can get rid of the problem. Some programs are very specific and will protect kids against particular threats, like cyber-bullying and pornography. There will be drawbacks as expected -- intrusion on students? online activities is one. However, more parents and teachers reportedly agree that the advantages and social media protection provided far outweigh the minimal intervention. Also, parents say that the information is generally public so there is truly no invasion of privacy involved. Monitoring will focus more on public information and posts that will warrant attention and fast response. Many students and young individuals are also very vocal in asking for help and support, using social media to require assistance. The service, Geo Listening, can help prevent problems like cyber-bullying as schools monitor students via social media and immediately identify potential and existing problems. Administrators can hone in on particular students and provide feedback so they can quickly respond to existing problems. Discovering the threats early can keep students safe throughout the school year. Do you agree with this type of monitoring? How involved should schools be when it comes to their students' social media activities? Tell us in the comments.

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