The Mysterious #AlexFromTarget Has Become A Social Media Celebrity

November 4, 2014
Who exactly is #AlexFromTarget? This is #AlexFromTarget. featured graphic This simple Tweet drove social media and the entire internet into a frenzy. There's no doubt you've already seen this hashtag in the last few hours. If not, now you have, and it is still running on Tweet rates of tens of thousands so it is important to catch up. This photo was snapped and posted back on the 26th of October (that's last Sunday) which means this hashtag didn't start trending for an entire week. But when it finally did, it exploded faster than a marshmallow in the microwave, showing just how fast these trends can pop up even from an older topic or stimuli. graphGirls thought he was absolutely?gorgeous, so they went ahead and?looked into the picture?right as it was starting to?emerge?during the afternoon of the 2nd. ?As seen in the graph, there was absolutely no instance of the #AlexFromTarget hashtag until it sprang up randomly and began to be passed around everywhere. chartThe chart pictured above demonstrates a couple of common related hashtags that sprang up as a result of the silly #AlexFromTarget?hashtag. It appeared to become a new popular meme centering around a seemingly generic character who worked for a large industry (example: Jake from State Farm). There were also some celebrities who couldn't help but push the hashtag further and play along. t1 t2 t3 t4Tweets all held scattered opinions. Some admired #AlexFromTarget while others questioned just why exactly the hashtag was trending. Regardless, the trend remained as people insisted on using the hashtag. Others just saw the humor in the whole situation and laughed along or shared some trending memes that spawned from the ordeal. Don't expect this trend to go away any time soon. The effect #AlexFromTarget has had on the internet, despite any feelings on the matter, is tremendous. It has given new ideas to people across social media as well as demonstrating the huge spread of an idea among internet groups. Definition: /definition/alexfromtarget    

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