Want to Ask Dane Cook a Question? #AskDane on Twitter!

October 8, 2014
When you think of modern comedians, the famous Dane Cook is probably on that list. Known for his numerous sellouts at the famous round stage across the United States, Dane Cook has become one of the most talked-about comedians in the last decade. Now, alongside the excitement for a new set, #AskDane is trending and was started by Dane Cook himself! The comedian original posted this tweet, inspiring hundreds to ask away, prompting Dane to answer as many questions as possible in order to help both old and new fanatics become familiar with his personality and character. dane cook starter tweet This simple tweet sent around 3:30pm Pacific time caused hundreds to fill Twitter well into the evening. graph Folks across Twitter went rampant with questions, asking everything from questions about the recently announced Showtime special to random inquiries about his personal life. Some people just tried to play along with the comical man, and were rewarded with even more humor in his answers. life question 2 life question 1 fun question 2 fun question 1 Dane, using his typical method of answering questions (with loads of humor) responded to a tremendous amount in such a little bit of time. Of course, this isn't the first time Dane has done something along the lines of #AskDane for his many thousands of fans. Often appearing at comic conventions (such as Comic Con., ironically) and other public events, Dane has a well-established personality for being extremely entertaining no matter the situation. Almost everything he says is in an easy-going attitude, suggesting that he is always wanting to?make people laugh and avoid being too serious. His light-hearted approach to interacting with people is demonstrated in the following responses to some of the questions he received: fun answer 1 fun answer 2? serious answer 2 serious answer 3 Even after the comedian's answers to the?#AskDane Tweets appeared to slow down, hundreds more came out, keeping it a popular trend. Dane Cook's new comedy special called "Troublemaker"?is set to release later in October. By the looks of this trend, Dane Cook remains one of the most popular comedians today with a steadily growing fan base. troublemakers Featured Image: "Dane Cook attending?Comic Con 2007"?Wikimedia Creative Commons by Lindsey8417

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