#HipHopEd: From a Simple Conversation to a Worldwide Movement

hiphopOn the surface, the hashtag #HipHopEd may seem like a casual thread about people's love for all things hiphop, but what many probably don't know is that it reaches far and beyond "scratching the mic". According to website rapgenius.com, #HipHopEd started out as a venue for creators Chris Emdin (@chrisemdin) and Brandon Frame (@brandonframe) to talk about the then-popular book by rapper Jay-Z titled "Decoded." Since then, the hashtag has gained many followers, spurring the creation of a weekly tweet chat where topics centered on the lines between music, culture and education. Over time, they were joined by Sam Seidel (@husslington), Timothy Jones (@tdj6899) and Amil Cook (@amilcook) who helped further grow the Twitter chat to the powerhouse it is now. #HipHopEd, participated by various fans, educators and thinkers across ages, ethnicities and locations worldwide, trends every Tuesday at 9PM EST while being used a platform for development not only of the music itself but how it interwines with social and political awareness. Recently, the hashtag trended even higher on discussions on the acquittal of George Zimmerman on the Trayvon Martin's death. Let's have a look at what people are saying. The hashtag has generated 2600 tweets this week and made 1.85 million impressions.   Here's more information about how the hashtag #HipHopEd is faring.   .

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