#SharkWeek 2013 Presents #Sharkpocalypse

August 16, 2013
?Sharkpocalypse? is again featured on Discovery Channel in lieu of Shark Week 2013 -- and, as expected, social media is on it. The documentary features a number of shark attack stories from the previous year, narrated by victims from different parts of the globe. The show premiered on August 15, 2013. The hashtag #Sharkpocalypse was also created to drive shark fans into a specific venue on social media where they can talk about the deadly animals. Shark enthusiasts and experts can talk about the many theories surrounding how humans can actually be the reason for the rise in shark attacks. Viewers of the TV show can immediately use the hashtag to share the details and post comments.


Here's how #Sharkpocalypse looks to date. See how engagement builds up and peaks at August 14, 4:00PM and then starts to mellow after an hour. By looking at the most prolific users, we also observe that many of its biggest social media fans are from the U.S..
Courtesy of Hashtags.org Courtesy of Hashtags.org
Courtesy of Hashtags.org Courtesy of Hashtags.org
Digging deeper into the hashtag, we find that there are other related hashtags being used, with #SharkWeek topping the list.
Courtesy of Hashtags.org Courtesy of Hashtags.org
Let's compare how #SharkWeek is faring against #Sharkpocalypse in this integrated graph and we see that the latter, which refers to the entire week's event, is a lot more popular. That said, while #Sharkpocalypse may capture a niche, marketers will likely do better with #SharkWeek.
Courtesy of Hashtags.org Courtesy of Hashtags.org

Hashtags and TV

Recently, studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between TV viewing and social media use. Hashtags particularly focused on a particular TV show can help increase TV ratings and vice-versa. #SharkWeek even managed to trend. sharkweek1 More social media users also engage in conversations or use hashtags while or after watching episodes of specific TV programs. Because of this, more TV shows are coming up with hashtags to create hype and get responses from users. Since Discovery Channel has been programming sharks for 25 years, social media engagement can be beneficial on how it can continue to improve its features. Assigning #Sharkpocalypse to accommodate a specific conversation is a good start and establishing #SharkWeek ensures that there will be a solid venue for discussion in the future.

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