September 19, 2014
#ScotlandDecides is one of the biggest trending topics as of today. Why? Because Scotland is deciding on whether to be an independent country or not. This is an important topic because it will make history, and will change the world map if it passes. Scotland is all in, as 97% of eligible voters are registered to vote in this decision, and it is predicted that there will be more than an 80% turnout during these polls. Because it is so important, it is also highly controversial. Those who are leading the yes and no's feel as if they are going to win. It is a neck-in-neck race and there really is not one side that is obviously the winner. Scotland might become independent at last, or it might stay with the UK. scotlanddecides scotlanddecides2 These analytics are pre-vote count, and after the votes are counted, it will only be even more of a trending topic. Twitter is torn. Some are concerned about the economy if Scotland becomes independent, some are very intent on Scotland becoming independent. Others are torn themselves, wondering what would happen if the vote passes. scotlanddecidestweet1 scotlanddecidestweet2 scotlanddecidestweet3 Meanwhile, in Scotland, people are torn over the vote in their own country. Some feel as if it would be a disaster, and others feel as if it is the best thing that could happen. This decision has been going on for years, and even if the result is no, the movement won't be over. Police are stationed at poll areas, taxis are running to poll stations and back for free to encourage votes, and 16 and 17-year-old voters are voting for the first time. Many are taking it seriously, and taking the time to make an informed decision. There are campaigns for both sides, and people who are large celebrities, such a JK Rowling, are donating to the causes. JK Rowling specifically donated to the Better Together campaign. In the morning, Scotland could be a different place. Update: The vote was tallied this morning, and the "no" campaign wn 55.3 to 44.7 of the people who voted for independence. For now, nothing will change, but for that 44.7 percent of people, it is only the beginning. Feature image: Creativedoxfoto on Free Digital Photos

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