The #FergusonDecision Leaves Social Media In An Uproar

November 25, 2014
It was the story that?thrust the entire town of Ferguson into the national spotlight. Last night the trial was held for officer Darren Wilson, who was responsible for the death of the victim Michael Brown. The incident sparked a series of protests during the following weeks which eventually led to the trial. The hashtag for the trial's outcome was held under #FergusonDecision which saw a huge number of Tweets immediately after the grand jury made their final decision. Now of course, social media was immediately on top of this following news broadcasts from popular media sources such as TheBlaze, CNN, FoxNews, and NBC which were all ready to bring the news to viewers as soon as possible. graph It isn't certain whether the actual #FergusonDecision or the massive riots following were the specific reason for the huge spike in use of the hashtag, but it was probably a combination of the two that brought out so many related hashtags. These were hashtags that represented important figures in the case or they were used to voice a certain opinion on the outcome. chartThere were plenty of people willing to give their opinion on the court rulings on social media. There is no doubt that this decision has gotten the attention of everybody who uses social media as the number of hashtags related to #FergusonDecision skyrocketed. t1 t2 t3 t4 t6While Tweet rates heavily declined a couple hours after the incident, those who stayed awake were still vigorously Tweeting updates from the scene or the surrounding area. The #FergusonDecision could prove to be just the start of a new series of violent riots and protests until something new occurs. On the streets of Ferguson after a couple hours, the crowds appeared to settle down more and more as police forces increased in number, perhaps gaining enough to convince protestors to settle down and return to their homes. Of course, with all stories this big, this could be far from the end of the entire situation.   Definition: /definition/fergusondecision Featured graphic: From Wikimedia Commons.  

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