NGO Highlights #FirstWorldProblems For Drinkable Water Campaign

October 8, 2012
The first activity involving completely eliminating a trending hashtag instead of promoting it was launched on October 4, 2012 by DDB New York. The hashtag #FirstWorldProblems features concerns that are vital to first world countries. These are generally deemed a lot lighter compared to the real problems that other nations have to deal with like hunger, war and poverty. The hashtag is getting the support it needs, but it's also being panned by critics. Tweets are generally made out of humor but might be misinterpreted by many as lacking sensitivity or cognizance of real world issues. People living in first world countries might send the wrong message to others that really need help. Some of the things being tweeted on #FirstWorldProblems include having a hard time looking for a decent channel on TV, not having the latest mobile device or having a problem choosing what to wear for the day. The hashtag was made together with WATERisLife to particularly focus on the world problem stemming from unavailability of potable water. Unavailability can lead to further problems like malnutrition and even death. The line 'Help solve real problems' was used to increase awareness of the real matters that underprivileged individuals have to face. The goal is to raise money and eliminate #FirstWorldProblems to provide clean water to those who need it the most. Here's the activity, so far, on #FirstWorldProblems DDB New York went to Haiti to film people struggling to have clean and drinkable water. Haiti is the poorest nation in the West and the recent calamities have worsened their current condition. The tweets on the hashtag are also featured with a response video that invites others to start helping out. People are requested to donate and help in the upcoming project. There will also be many celebrities helping out, including Kara DioGuardi and Christina Millan. Matt Eastwood, DDB Chief Creative Officer, said: ?We?re not setting out to humiliate people who have used the #FirstWorldProblems hashtag.? He added, ?Rather, the project encourages people to think before they tweet. There are much more important problems in the world than not getting a hot-enough latte in the morning. By highlighting real world problems we hope to encourage people to give to those in real need.? The donations will be sent toward devising more methods and effective solutions to achieve clean and drinkable water. The WATERisLIFE website will provide all the needed information. The organization has continuously been expanding through the years and creates new programs for effective water systems worldwide.

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