#NowIsTheTime To Stop Gun Violence, Says Obama

January 18, 2013
Democrats are aiming to increase awareness as well as acquire support from online users on the new restrictions on firearms, which aim to reduce or even totally stop gun violence in America. The hashtag #NowIsTheTime was created by the White House and appears to be getting the support and attention it is looking. Post on the hashtag talk about the consequences of guns and the resulting violence. Children, in particular, should be protected from gun violence according to the creators of the hashtag. President Barack Obama (@BarackObama) together with Vice President Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) introduced a plan on how gun violence can be controlled. A website has been launched to help Americans understand the campaign and hopefully put a stop to all the terrors and threats around the use of firearms and deadly weapons.


nowis The Twitter posts will hopefully reach members of the Congress to immediately work on reducing gun violence and take the necessary measures, according to the proposed plan by the President. Hashtags are created to encourage politicians to act on specific issues and concerns. The resulting conversations become an effective platform where citizens and leaders can discuss matters directly and find solutions. #NowIsTheTime serves as a platform for individuals who are actually experiencing the consequences of gun violence and other related political issues to share and voice out their demands to the people who can make significant changes, such as the members of Congress and the President. Several politicians and political groups turn to social media to keep in touch with citizens and seek the public's opinion in various national issues. This way, citizens do not have to exert a lot of effort and can reach key decision makers in a faster and more efficient manner.

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