Twitter Trending Topic: The Internet Wonders Why #HillaryIsSoPoor

Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH by marcn, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License??by??marcn?
Social media sites went wild after Hillary Clinton, wife of former democratic U.S. President Bill Clinton shared that they went broke after leaving the White House. Many Twitter users did not believe her, considering how she makes $200,000 when speaking in public and got an $8 million advance for selling Simon & Schuster her book about her time as first lady. The Clintons left the White House just over a month after she received the book advance. As U.S. Senator, she earned $186,600 a year while Bill Clinton earned $200,000 in pension. Bill also had a book deal worth around $10 million. Twitter users then came up with the sarcastic hashtag #HillaryIsSoPoor to talk about her lies and how corruption engulfs several politicians in America. Some also shared how Hillary spent a lot on expensive items and lived in luxury. There was a photo of her dogs fine dining and Chelsea Clintons wedding which supposedly cost between three and five million dollars. The hashtag #HillaryIsSoPoor trended well on Twitter as American citizens continued to bash her for living a luxurious lifestyle while thousands suffer in debt and are left homeless and unable to pay hospital bills. hilaryissopoor Some of the notable tweets are as follows: hilary1 A lot of U.S. citizens found it quite absurd that the former first lady would even mention how they were in debt and penniless after Bill?s term ended. Many Twitter users grabbed the opportunity to directly say that Hillary is a ?terrible politician? and that the United States is deep in debt because of how corrupt government officials are. Others even mentioned Bill?s past scandals. Here's how #HillaryIsSoPoor erupted online, peaking at 2600?tweets at 6:00PM on June 9 and over 80 million?impressions. As of this writing, the hashtag has garnered a total of 20,200?tweets. hilary4      

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