The Retweet Simplified

April 22, 2013
A retweet or RT is described as the act of reposting another Twitter user?s post or tweet. The retweet feature on the social media network will instantly let others see and share information. Many online users regularly use the retweet by typing ?RT? at the start of their tweet to let others know that the post comes from another user. The action is not an official command on the website, although it is common courtesy to acknowledge the original maker of the tweet. You can also click the "retweet" function at the base of the tweet you want share. Once you do this, your retweet will be counted under the post and the owner of the post will see who have retweeted the message. Retweets appear like regular tweets that also present the name of the user or author beside the post. However, the retweet icon will appear for posts by individuals who copied these. When you view a message from an online user, try searching for the "retweeted by" information and you will discover the original author. rt1 It is a great way to look for key Twitter users who provide unique and interesting tweets regularly. You will most likely want to follow the individual online because of his good quality content and attractive posts that can be used in your own social media activities. Before you can also retweet using third party apps on Twitter, but the micro-blogging giant has disabled these capabilities in favor of its own functions.

More About Retweets

When logged on to Twitter, you can view retweets from your followers right in your home timeline. If you retweet a person you?re following online, it will also be found on your profile timeline. If you retweet another user?s post but that user is not someone you?re currently following, the retweet will be found on your profile and home timelines. People whom you?ve blocked will not have their retweets appear on your timeline, just like how regular tweets are invisible. You can view the interactions to your tweets and find out how many have retweeted by going to the top navigation bar and clicking on Connect. The Interactions part will show all activities regarding your tweets. rt2 Retweets have a limit of 1,000 per day. These are counted with regular tweets. There is no limit to the quantity of retweets that a given tweet can have. Twitter will, however, present only the 100 most recent ones.

Turning Retweets Off

You can also turn off retweets for particular users. Point to the person icon drop-down menu and then choose Turn off Retweets on the user?s profile to stop viewing their retweets. rt3 You can no longer eliminate the person?s retweets that are currently in your timeline if these were present before you turned the function off. You cannot turn off all retweets from all Twitter users. If you wish to remove a retweet you?ve posted, click on Retweeted which is found in the tweet. The original tweet will still be present, but the retweet will no longer be available. rt4 Some users protect their tweets so you may not retweet these. The lock icon will appear beside the user information on their tweets or profile page so you will instantly identify that it cannot be reposted. Those whom you did not follow may also have their retweets invisible to you. You may need to follow them first before you can view the retweeted posts.

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