Your Bio Is Sacred: What Never To Put In Your Profile

April 1, 2013
When using social media sites like Twitter, it is important to present yourself as a reputable and dignified individual -- you never know who's going to be looking at your profile. Many Twitter users make the mistake of making their profiles too "fun" with the view to attract more followers. However, they forget that being tacky is not the same as being creative. You can gain and maintain your followers as well as appear valuable to potential professional and business relations by keeping a healthy balance between fun and respectable. There are a number of rules to follow to ensure that your profile stays clean and follow-worthy.

10 Profile Busters

1. Exaggerated descriptions

Do not refer to yourself as a social media oracle or social media master. The title is for your followers to decide on. Also refrain from exaggerating your skills and capabilities. Present yourself in the most accurate and honest manner to deserve the respect of others online. Never lie about your credentials and achievements.

2. Cutesy emoticons

These tend to make you look immature. Always act your age by using the proper terms and avoid unnecessary modifications in the words or letters used. Also avoid other symbols and characters that will remove all the seriousness in your profile. prof5

3. Use of offensive or improper words

Never use profane language or attack others online in a very rude and disrespectful manner through your profile. Do not curse or lambast someone online. Always stay dignified and present yourself with confidence and grace at all times. prof1

4. Improper descriptions

Use the right words when describing yourself. For example, substitute the word ?junkie? with ?enthusiast? or simply indicate how you like certain things with class and simplicity. prof4

5. Inside jokes

If the joke only applies to a few people, don?t include it in your profile. Avoid sharing old jokes that make you seem very generic. Use simple humor that does not offend anyone.

6. Spelling and grammatical errors

Check your statements on your profile to give the impression that you are an avid and well-educated online user. Practice proper punctuation, capitalization and spacing. People can immediately make a wrong first impression if they discover these. prof3

7. Too many hashtags

Avoid improper hashtagging or using too many hashtags that make your profile look immature. Use hashtags only when these relate well with your business or activities. Also avoid advertising in your profile. Read more about the incorrect ways to handle hashtags.

8. Cliches

Avoid using the same lines or sharing the same jokes again and again. Try to be unique and original by coming up with useful content and descriptions that will make you stand out from others. Do your research and learn a few new things to grab the interest of online users.

9. Asking for followers

Do not ask for a follow back or ask people to follow you online. Learn how to generate more followers by using good quality content and using the best practices and techniques on Twitter. A lot of online users get discouraged when they sense desperation in your profile. Read more about how to get more followers. prof2

10. Failing to update

Your profile might seem too outdated if you don?t share relevant information that pertains to current issues and relevant events. State achievements and activities that are only a few months or weeks old. Also update your profile as necessary depending on the latest updates in the industry or social media environment.

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