How Can YouTube Help Build Your Social Media Brand?

April 2, 2013
YouTube sign in San Bruno, CA by jm3, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License??by??jm3?
Social media platforms and tools are always helpful when you?re trying to gain recognition or immediately grab attention. People find videos very interesting and the most fun and attractive ones will definitely leave a mark in your target market?s minds so that your company will be the first they refer to when it comes to their needs and demands. YouTube, being the biggest social media network that focuses on videos, is a powerful tool that will boost your business to new heights.

Initial Advantages

YouTube has millions of users around the world, so marketing your business to key individuals will be easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Uploading videos on the website will make it visible to thousands of individuals within minutes. You can access a huge market without having to resort to expensive techniques that require a lot of time and work. Next, YouTube also includes a number of tools and features that will properly categorize videos according to type and interest. When you upload a video, make sure that you include the right keywords so that target customers can easily find it. You can also feature a specific hashtag throughout the video so that your viewers will be redirected to your Twitter or Pinterest account, or wherever platform hashtags are used. Check out this video, which features a hashtag and encourages further discussion on Twitter. YouTube also features the ?Subscribe? button, wherein online viewers can subscribe to your channel and see the latest videos you upload. This is how you can start building a loyal following and keep target customers updated with recent offers and developments. Your social media or business brand will improve a lot over time when people start talking about it. You can activate the comments and feedback section (found below the video) so that individuals can cite their comments and give positive reviews about your company and products.

What You Need to Do

Upload fresh and content-rich videos on YouTube to grab the attention of your target audience. Feel free to tag individuals and include keywords that people will most likely type in the search bar. Furthermore, the videos have to be unique and interesting. You can make your own videos by recording and editing everything yourself. You can also hire the services of video editors to help make everything look more professional. There are several ideas that you can try to appeal to your customers. You might also like to try making viral videos. These usually include very controversial, funny or unique topics that will quickly spread across the internet within hours. As a result, you can increase the total number of subscribers and make your company name and brand recognizable everywhere. Always inform people about your YouTube account by using social media tools and posting in other sites. Also use traditional social media techniques, like writing blogs and articles and then providing a link to the YouTube video. Another great idea on YouTube is starting your own show. Upload 1 to 2 new videos each week so people can regularly refer to your company.

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