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Now You Can Use Hashtags On LinkedIn

Compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is known as an effective network for job searches and forging professional connections.

The network recently introduced a new feature that will help job seekers increase their chances of finding the ideal position and profession.

Hashtags have long been used by other social media websites but it was only now that LinkedIn decided to add it to its arsenal of features, thereby making it easier for potential employees to get connected to key companies that they’re eyeing.

Before, using a hashtag will present an active blue link that will lead you to a search page on LinkedIn to present other online users that talk about the same issue.

linkedin hashtag

With the emergence of hashtags on LinkedIn, many online users will experience the benefits of immediately going to the actual conversation when clicking on the hashtag instead of the blue link.

The new feature was launched by the social media network quietly so many users were surprised to discover the changes that let them cross reference to other users’ comments and conversations.

The introduction of hashtags by LinkedIn will definitely improve its standing against other giants in the industry. Users, on the other hand, will enjoy posting their resumes and relying on hashtags to stay updated.

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CharlesFiordal1 03-07-2013, 17:48

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Most candidates are currently doing the opposite of magnetizing. Think about this: going uphill is hard, right? Pushing a boulder while you’re going uphill would be even harder, no? All that pushing is what most people do in the job search. You’re pushing yourself out there, blasting your resume out to companies, and bothering recruiters you don’t really know, who are likely not in an industry relevant to you, and who don’t know of anything open for which you could be a match. Instead, magnetize. Attract. Position and optimize your LinkedIn profile so that when employers and recruiters search for someone with your particular brand of expertise, you appear high in the search results. We have a full presentation on how to magnetize in our free webinar http://goo.gl/KT9pV
Magnetizing, instead of pushing, is critically important for several reasons. First, the recruiter initially approaching you will likely spark a much more beneficial scenario than you approaching him. The person’s not approaching you just to chat. He’s selecting you because he thinks you may be a match for an open opportunity he has right now. Second, the entire act of magnetizing is simply empowering. Gone are the feelings of frustration, repeatedly being ignored, and continually getting rejected. Instead, the right recruiters seek you out.

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