Social Media Analytics and the Health Sector

May 16, 2013
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Different businesses and industries are benefiting from social media and social analytics tools. Through these platforms and options, they can easily identify the relevant individuals who will mean much to the success of the business. The health sector in particular can get several advantages by using social media. A lot of people rely on social media to get quick information about medical procedures, medicines and medical professionals. Creating a venue and initiating conversations focused on healthcare will greatly benefit majority of social media users and increase awareness on treatment and procedures.

Some Advantages

1. Wider reach

When people and departments in the health sector make use of social media and analytics tools, it will be easier to find individuals who are in need of products and information pertaining to specific diseases and health issues. The health sector can directly communicate with individuals who are relevant to the medical issue, instead of taking on a general approach. More people can gain access to useful information for better treatment online. For instance, the hashtag #health has been used for many related discussions, amassing as many as three million tweets in the last 6 months.

2. More experts

More health professionals and experts have social media accounts and will communicate with others in the same industry or field. Potential patients can get reliable and accurate information through social media. There is a huge list of health professionals who can render care and state-of-the-art materials and products. These experts can also guide the clients towards full recovery regardless of the time and day.

3. Easy communication

Before, health professionals and clients find it hard to maintain constant communication especially during emergency situations. Social media and measurement tools can easily be accessed using portable devices no matter where people are in the world. They can send messages, share pictures and videos as well as give step-by-step instructions. Others can also order products and medications for health experts and companies using social media without further problems.

About Analytics

When the health sector uses analytics tools, departments can determine which products or issues are most interesting and useful to patients. They can see how well certain topics and posts will get attention by checking the interactions among target users. The reach and impressions made will point out the details specifically so that companies and professionals can provide for demands accordingly. It is important to evaluate the response of the market to products and topics so that health agencies can adequately supply for their needs and improve on future campaigns. Analytics will also be useful when handling different health departments. The needs and healthcare procedures needed by individuals can vary so it may be necessary to launch two or more campaigns at a time. Social media analytics tools can also show how well simultaneous campaigns are doing within a 24-hour period or longer. Health professionals can also find out which keywords will most likely bring in more social media users.

Pfizer Hashtag

The hashtag #pfizer has been created by the company to keep customers informed about latest news and new products. The company steadily provides links and other useful social media content that will keep people abreast with developments in the industry. Through the past half year, the hashtag has generated a considerable following, getting as many as 4,004 tweets and 7.6 million impressions to date. By joining conversations, they can learn more about Medicare benefits, get more value out of the products they buy and get quick information on certain locations and stores offering discounts and free samples. Tapping the social media network solidified the position of the company as one of the top brands when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Pfizer also joins discussions and hashtags created by related agencies. The group gives tips and insight on related products and procedures. People online then refer to the company as an specialist in the field that can be relied on for top quality products and expert information.

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