Was Your Tweet A Success? Here?s How To Find Out

December 24, 2013
After posting a tweet or launching a hashtag, certainly you'd like to gauge how far the post has reached. There are a number of useful and accurate tools on social media that will give you the full details on the extent and reach of each tweet, complete with the corresponding details of the people who actually responded and the time that it trended. How do you know how far your tweet has gone? [For the purpose of this article, let's use the popular hashtag #TBT ("throwback Thursday") as an example.]

1. You start gaining more followers

After a successful tweet, many social media users experience gaining more Twitter followers. Because of the high quality and relevance of the post, you might have established your reputation as an effective and reliable source of information, worthy of being followed. A viral hashtag or tweet can lead to hundreds of new followers overnight. You may also receive a lot of direct messages or responses on existing blogs.

2. You generate more comments

A successful tweet generally makes a lot of impressions. See how the recurring hashtag #TBT's impressions spike whenever Thursday hits. Many Twitter users have most likely replied to the post or shared their own concerns and opinions on the matter. Other users may post links, photos and related content from other websites too. There are times when the tweet leads to an actual hashtag, created by Twitter followers themselves to drive more people to talk about it more in a more conducive environment.

3. More followers in other social media sites

There are functions and tools that let you combine data in two or more social media platforms. When your post spreads throughout Twitter, you might notice that your following in other social media sites also increases. This can mean that your previous tweet generated a huge response and strengthened your position even in other social media sites. More people may have subscribed to your account in other online places.

4. Wide reach

Reach refers to the actual number of users who read and engaged with the tweet. People will most likely share or retweet relevant and good quality posts for others to see. There are social analytics tools that will give you the exact number of people and user engagement within a period of 24 hours or 7 days. Hashtag analytics will also measure the reach and trending of hashtags made about the tweet within a given period. Here's the tweets #TBT has generated, so far, in the past 7 days. To appreciate the numbers better, let's see how it looks in a graph.

5. Conversion of followers

Some successful tweets are very compelling that these actually convert followers into loyal purchasers. You might notice a surge in sales or more inquiries about products, instead of casual conversations. People may be sharing their experiences and feedback on your company and products. You can also create hashtags to determine how many of your previous followers are now subscribing because of their interest in your offers. Hashtag analytics will provide you with the complete details and profiles of these loyal buyers so you can pinpoint relevant social media users who can become assets in future campaigns. For #TBT, using hashtag analytics allows us to see that these people (see below) are the most prolific users of the hashtag to-date.

6. Higher demand

You will know that a tweet was a success if you have more inquiries or orders. These may be made by Twitter users through direct messaging, email or actual visits to your store. A good tweet encourages people to actually avail of products and is a call to action to respond to advertisements. There may also be higher demand for related information. Creating hashtags frequently for these will be helpful in getting more clients. Hashtag analytics tools also let you monitor progress continuously with each campaign. Here's how some of the largest companies online are encouraging engagement among followers. success5 success6 success7 success8 success9 Some tweets will generate a huge response while others may not do so well. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of each to come up with well-trending posts each time.

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