Twitter Announces Ad Retargeting Product: What Does It Do?

December 11, 2013
In June 2013, Twitter hinted about a retargeting program, carrying a concept that revolves around businesses targeting ads on Twitter and then funneling these to users who have visited their own website. The program, Tailored Audiences, is experimental although there are plenty of opportunities available. The objective is to identify current groups of target customers then bring them to Twitter. Twitter advances the concept that Facebook used to retarget clients by allowing mobile capabilities. The challenge in bringing the program on mobile systems is that there are no cookies. Since many users log on to Twitter using their computer and mobile device, the identity of the mobile user can be linked to activities done on a computer. Conversion rates for advertisers are expected to grow significantly with the aid of the new program. Twitter users can also protect their privacy by unchecking the box labeled ?promoted content? in the settings. Enable ?Do Not Track? to keep Twitter from getting cookie data founded on browsers when using the retargeting device. The retargeted ads are called ?Tailored Audiences?. Retargeted Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts will allow marketers and business owners to target and lead relevant users and loyal customers to continually grow their business. The retargeted ads will be sold through partners like ValueClick, AdRoll, Lotame, Quantcast, CHango, BlueKai, etc. twitter ad 2 The approach allows users to see content and product offers that they are actually interested in, based on the websites they recently visited. Potential clients get the benefit of getting information for items that they truly want while businesses do not have to randomly target consumers to increase sales. Making the unified identity layer will be very important for Twitter to show retargeted ads on people?s mobile device. Zach Coelius emphasized the efficacy of people using Twitter on both their mobile phone and computer. The traditional way of tracking cookies can be overcome even in its absence on smart phones and mobile devices.

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