Facebook Encourages Stronger Bonds Over Twitter: Study

December 17, 2012
facebook by pshab, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License??by??pshab?
According to a recently conducted study, ties created on social networking site Facebook are stronger compared to those built on Twitter. In the research conducted by Indiana University post-doctoral research fellow Emilio Ferrara, Facebook users were found to belong to small but close groups. Twitter users, on the other hand, can create groups, although not as tight, because tweets can be shared without the need to interact. Twitter users generally follow different individuals online depending on their interests. Facebook users, on the other hand, tend to add only the people they know, primarily rooted among their family and friends. From their respective core groups, Facebook users will expand their community without compromising the relationships between individuals. Many Facebook users get contacts and communicate with friends or relatives of their own friends. Twitter users expand their network based on the topics they?re most interested in. Twitter users can follow or be followed by virtually anyone online who finds their tweets interesting or relevant. Secondary connections, according to the study, are the biggest source of data and updates among social media users. An illustration was presented to show the tightness of the cores of communities existing on Facebook. Communities on Twitter tend to be weaker or looser because online users do not necessarily have to be friends or relatives in the real world to get in touch or exchange tweets. The research involved millions of Facebook users wherein experts monitored their social connections online. The illustration showed the sizes of the existing communities, ongoing interactions and tightness within circles. The study concluded that Facebook users can maximize their online experience since they relate with people that they?re close to even in real-time. Other social media networks also have looser ties compared to Facebook since connections and information is disseminated through photos, messages and other types of media without necessitating actual correspondence.  

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