Finally, Hashtags On Facebook Are Turning Legit

March 15, 2013
Despite the growing rift between Facebook and Twitter, Facebook is currently making developments to include the hashtag in its social media environment. The ?#? symbol, which prefixes topics that are categorically arranged, will soon be valid on Facebook to guide users to particular conversations that they are most likely interested in. The hashtag is a useful tool on Twitter that allows online users to collate messages regarding specific topics and issues so that others can follow for whatever purpose. Facebook is not entirely unfamiliar with the hashtag since Instagram, a photo-sharing service that the company acquired in 2012, also heavily invests in hashtags to let users arrange photos. Facebook is still deciding whether it should adopt the same approach by using hashtags to guide online users in finding all related conversations about a particular topic or to incorporate other functions to add more uniqueness. Some social media experts say that hashtag incorporation into Facebook activities is another move by the social media giant to grab more users from Twitter as the war between the two companies continues to rage. Twitter used to be more focused on real-time broadcasting and targeted users from different parts of the globe. Facebook also targeted users worldwide but focused more on strengthening the ties between family and friends. Facebook and Twitter introduced a number of adjustments in their respective websites that seemed to be closely related to top off each other, including a new and improved search engine and plans to make a personalized newspaper. The advertising efforts of Twitter also helped bring in additional income for the company. However, Facebook is still the number one social media platform today, while Twitter is second. The incorporation of hashtags is set to improve Facebook?s standing when it comes to mobile device usage. More people use their mobile devices to tweet, which is why the inclusion of hashtags might entice more people to use Facebook on their smart phones and portable media devices.

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