Kid Actors Face Network Ire Over Social Media Comments

September 18, 2012
Studio executives have been on the lookout for young and upcoming Hollywood actors who might divulge too much information using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Some of the major production studios like Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon have casting agents and other personnel tasked to check the posts and tweets of young actors that might be found detrimental to the operation and success of shows. Some of the prohibited topics that might give avid watchers more than what they?re looking forward to include plots, story lines, characters, new cast members and offensive comments. Even actors looking forward to a spot on stage and Broadway are included in the monitored list. One agent indicated that a young actor lost a job after posting online that he was going to be part of the Broadway show before the official announcement. Carol Lynn Sher, the agent of the fired client said, 'They pulled the offer. It was devastating.' She added, 'I sent out a precautionary note to all my clients because of studio?s and ad agencies' concerns about social media.' Officials of the famous studios cited that they were only concerned about the issues that might hurt the company. Kids and teenagers can easily post things online that they do not thoroughly think about. The repercussions might be damaging for the company. Many young actors were asked to delete their tweets. Some even went as far as suggesting that social media training be rendered to cast members of any age to learn the proper etiquette and practices online. Some issues might be too sensitive considering that majority of the audience are also kids.

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