#TGIF Speaks for Itself

The joys of the beginning of the weekend in a hashtag.

What Does #WCW Mean?

Every Wednesday, users of social media will use this hashtag religiously in order to showcase their women crushes.

Virtual BFFs: #InternetFriendDay

A day that is made in order to honor those friends that were met online and not in person.

A Promise in a Hashtag: #teamfollowback

#teamfollowback promises to help twitter accounts gain followers by stating the twitter account will give a follow for a follow.

Life, Liberty, and #murica

The trendy hashtag #murica was created by extreme patriotism and continues to be used for many different reasons.

#ThrowbackThursday Stays Strong Through The Years

You can never go wrong with hashtags that tap the human spirit.

#ShakeItOff Proves That Music Promotion is Alive and Well on Twitter

Taylor Swift uses the firepower of social media to bring her latest single (and album) to the world.

#YAllRemember Trends On Twitter, And It's Not Even Thursday Yet

A trending hashtag has to appeal to the emotional side of the Twitter universe -- and #YAllRemember has done just that.

When You Make Insensitive Posts, Hashtags Like #TweetLikeABC Happen

Be careful what you tweet, especially if you're in the public eye.

How To Make A Twitter Bio That Rocks

How your Twitter bio looks is just as important as your posts and update schedules. Here's how to make a very good first impression.

Twitter Fans See the Soft Side of Artists in #MakeARapperSoft

How would the toughest rappers look with some minor adjustments? Twitter goes on a frenzy with #MakeARapperSoft

#Kershaw Trends After A Historic Perfect Pitch on the Dodgers vs Rockies Game

#<a href="http://hashtags.org/analytics/Kershaw">Kershaw</a> became a trending hashtag in the US today after Clayton Kershaw, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, pitched a perfect game all through the six innings against the Colorado Rockies.

#GoTFinale, #TheChildren Proves How Engaged Fans Are On Twitter

Even with many characters dead, Twitter became alive on the final episode of the HBO series Game of Thrones' fourth season.

#EdgeOfTomorrow and the Promoted Hashtag

How does an expected Hollywood blockbuster promote on social media?

Your Tweet Matters: Study Shows More People "See" Tweets Than "Post" Them

Nielsen has conducted research which showed that more people read tweets about television compared to those who actually create tweets by a margin of 50-1.

Why The New Indian Prime Minister Won't Get Singh's 1.24 Million Twitter Following

When Dr. Manmohan turned over his administration to the new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the official Twitter handle with over 1.24 million followers was not included in the deal.

Twitter Etiquette 101: The Yes and Nos of Posting Online

140 characters is a very powerful space; use it wisely and productively.

#MVPDurant Trends As Twitter Celebrates Kevin Durant's First MVP Award

How does Twitter celebrate a milestone in a basketball star's career? Make his hashtag trend, of course.

Twitter Users Can Now Shop for Amazon Products via #AmazonCart

As if shopping via the Amazon online shopping platform wasn't convenient enough, the company collaborates with Twitter to make #AmazonCart the shopping destination on social media.

Do Journalists Want This? Facebook and Storyful Launch Newswire

Facebook has collaborated with Storyful to start FB Newswire, an application that is targeted toward journalists

Erdogan Challenges Lifting of Ban on Twitter Accounts

Twitter gave in to a request by the Turkish government to close a number of accounts. Find out why.

5 Ways To Convert Your Clients On Twitter

Play your characters right and your followers could turn into your clients.

Twitter Adds Photo Tagging and Collage Features

New Twitter feature allows you to tag up to 10 people and make a collage for up to four photos.

If #Music Goes Away, Will You Miss It?

After receiving lackluster engagement, Twitter decides to let go of #music.

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