Changed Your Mind? Reactivate Your Twitter Account

October 23, 2012
There are several reasons why you would want to deactivate your Twitter account. Some people simply wish to take out online distractions temporarily, considering how much social media can lure you to spend several hours browsing. Others deactivate their accounts for security reasons or wish to stay invisible and unsearchable from those who might be looking for them online. Some choose to say goodbye to Twitter for good because of a bad personal experience. While the decision to shut down your Twitter account may seem finite and final, in case you change your mind, you can reactivate your account. There are users who revive their accounts to get back in the social game, while others do so temporarily for a specific goal -- like getting certain information at a particular time. Regardless of the reason for saying goodbye and hello again to your Twitter account, the point is that you can come and go as you please. You can deactivate your account by going to Settings and clicking "Deactivate My Account" at the bottom. This window will appear after.

Reactivating Your Twitter Account

1. Go to the login page of Twitter at twitter.com/login. This should be done on a computer and not on any mobile device. 2. Fill in the username or email address as well as the password of the account. 3. The account will be reactivated when you choose Sign in. 4. The account data will require a few minutes to completely return to its original appearance. 5. The home page will automatically appear as soon as the reactivation is done. 6. Be sure that reactivation is done within 30 days. Accounts will be removed by Twitter permanently if these are deactivated and not reactivated within 30 days.

Troubleshooting Reactivation Problems

It is important to log in again within a month of deactivating the Twitter account to let Twitter know that the action was just temporary. Logging in can easily be done by filling in the username or email address, as well as the password on the official website. Some might experience a number of problems when trying to reactivate their Twitter account. There are a number of reasons for the difficulty. 1. Login information is lost or forgotten. Users who lost or forgot their login details can ask Twitter to reset their password and get the necessary information via email. Lost passwords can also be recovered with the aid of Twitter guidelines. 2. A reactivated account might show the wrong people being followed or following your account. It might take several minutes up to an entire day for the account to be completely restored and reactivated. However, the problem should have been resolved in 48 hours. Otherwise, get in touch with Twitter and ask for assistance. 3. Disabled account reactivation. There will be times when Twitter users might be notified that the account reactivation is currently disabled. The problem is only temporary and you can expect complete restoration in 24 hours. If you cannot reactivate the account and the 30-day deadline is drawing near, ask for assistance and support from Twitter. 4. Account indicates current deactivation. You can reset the password and ask for a password reset email if the account indicates that it is still deactivated. Get the new password then log in again. 5. Mobile device reactivation. Remember that reactivating the account cannot be done on mobile devices. Use an actual computer and repeat the process of reactivating the Twitter account.

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