How Social Media Can Threaten Your Job

November 30, 2012
Social media is widely used by companies and professionals with very good results. The problem is that there are also associated risks, especially among individuals who do not follow best practices rules and policies. It?s best to be familiar with the approaches and guarantee that you maximize the use of these online tools and platforms to benefit the company. Some individuals have lost their jobs because of careless use of ?Twitter and other social media platforms and not taking care of their account.

1. Wasting time.

Many companies are regulating the history of visited sites on office computers since social media can be very tempting for many employees. Several individuals have been sanctioned or even fired for being addicted to social media use. There are studies that show how several employees spend 2 to 3 hours a day browsing through different profiles and sending tweets and private messages. Many employers do not like the idea that you spend a lot of time on Twitter or Facebook instead of getting work done. Even if the computers in your office allow these sites, only open during break periods.

2. Bad publicity.

Many individuals get into trouble by putting indecent photos of themselves on social media sites or posting messages that put them in bad light. Some employers are not tolerant about these things because you represent the company too. Always remain professional when transacting online. It is acceptable to share casual photos and messages but be careful that you do not embarrass yourself in the process. Always be careful about what you tweet or post on the internet.

3. Attacking your superiors.

Many individuals make the mistake of venting out on social media sites by speaking negatively about their boss or other colleagues. You can get sanctioned or even lose your job for libelous remarks on the internet. Do not publicize negative emotions and comments even though you might be the one wronged at work. Find the right method to solve the problem since resorting to social media site will only make the situation worse.

4. The wrong account.

There are individuals assigned to manage the online or Twitter account of the company. However, they might mistakenly post casual or irrelevant messages using the company profile believing that it was their personal account. Always check from which account you will be posting from. Some individuals have jeopardized their brand or company by posting libelous remarks using the company account. You should separate these accordingly.

5. Sharing personal information.

Using social media platforms like Twitter can also post some online dangers. Do not share personal information to anyone. Verify the profiles of the people you?re following or are in contact with. Some individuals have been the victims of hacking and other unscrupulous activities, which destroy their careers as a result. Learn the safety practices and guidelines on Twitter use and stay away from unknown parties or those who are deemed irrelevant to your online objectives. Knowing the right ways to present yourself in a professional way will boost your career, as well as establish your reputation online.

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