Tired Of Electioneering Tweets? This New Extension Will Scrap Them

October 25, 2012
Although a lot more people are concerned about the fast-approaching 2012 US national election, there are also those who either couldn?t care less or are tired of hearing about all the heated exchanges between the two parties. Social media networks and other sources of information are becoming more crowded with majority of trends and posts discussing politics and other related issues more than anything else. Many are looking for alternatives and online tools that might help them clear out these issues. A new Chrome extension named Unpolitic.me has been introduced to take out all political discussions and posts from online users? Twitter and Facebook feeds. The eraser application will immediately block political noise from online users? accounts and feeds and substitute these with photos of cute and fuzzy animals. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the distractive posts and other harsh arguments going on between concerned citizens. Those who avail of the app will permanently soothe their senses instead by browsing through amazing and adorable images instead of having to bear sensible and nonsensical discussions about either Obama or Romney. The US presidential elections will be due in over two weeks so the new app would be very effective to ride out the pressure. The Chrome extension was created and developed by the same people behind unbaby.me, which was intended to take out all tags and mentions of infants by social media contacts. Since the US presidential elections have taken over social media platforms recently, the makers have decided that thousands of online users could also get away with the new app. When users start the app, they can make a blacklist and indicate all the keywords that would signal the extension to immediately block the mentions. Add several feeds that will be content generators for the substitute posts. Side Project, the creator of Unpolitic.me said, ?It?s the surest way to ride out the rest of the election without bothersome posts, opinions and links from your politically savvy ?friends.? Install the app. Refresh your Facebook newsfeed. Enjoy an Obama AND Romney free life.?

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