#IAdmitThat Reveals Netizens' Deep Secrets

October 24, 2012
If you would be honest about something, what would it be? On October 23, 2012, the hashtag #IAdmitThat found its way as a top trending topic on Twitter as netizens took the opportunity to be candid about different things. The hashtag peaked at 5:00pm EST with 89,400 tweets per hour. This trend lasted until 10:00pm at its final high of 84,000 and then declined to 41,200 by midnight. It finally mellowed to 19,500 tweets by 2:00am October 24, although considering how close to home the goal of the hashtag is, it's likely to continue having a steady following over the next few days. The tweets ranged from highly political, given its timing with the upcoming US national elections, to highly sensitive and personal. Of course, some netizens didn't fail to inject humor into the hashtag, making it a very enjoyable and revelatory experience for many. Twitter, for all its vastness, has been a venue for many people worldwide not only to share information but also to vent feelings. Because of the relative anonimity offered by the micro-blogging site (as compared to having a Facebook account), users are found to be more comfortable being revealing and honest about themselves. The shared experience that results from releasing personal information creates a community of emotion in an otherwise highly digital space, thus making the site the great social venue that it is. Here are some of the tweets that came out of the hashtag #IAdmitThat.

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