Tracking Disease Trends By Location Now Possible

September 20, 2012

Social media has ingeniously come up with pplications and interesting features that keep people entertained and informed at the same time.

Interestingly, there is actually a Twitter algorithm that gives people an idea when they?ll most probably contract a disease, complete with all the related features and descriptions. @MappyHealth allows users to monitor illnesses via Twitter, where they can actually determine the likelihood of acquiring an illness just by checking data on health trends and the designated periods and locations. The social trends, also called 'social noise,' are introduced by following related qualifiers on the social media platform, as well as understanding a variety of disease terms and symptoms. Social noise is described as the usual outflow of tweets that have a close distinction with given names and terms online. Sudden increases in the duration and amount will indicate occurrences that are very much associated with the known names and terms. The occurrences or events can be construed as either good or bad. People online can then gauge current epidemics and get some information on what they might acquire within a given timeframe. Here's what the site looks like.

MappyHealth aims to provide information to Twitter users through analysis and monitoring. Hopefully, the information will spur people to practice caution and steer clear of the risks. Twitter?s API provides real-time information and tracks 223 names. These are monitored and compared against 26 condition descriptions and other qualifier terms. Some of the terms include usual diseases and terms like the common cold, measles, tuberculosis, etc. The trends begin based on the acquired data. When browsing via Twitter, a ticker will appear, showing the current events. Graphs will also be featured so users can actually view the condition, area and other details according to trend.

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