#MyJihad Aims To Reshape Perception On Islam

January 23, 2013
The hashtag #MyJihad was introduced by Chicago-based activist, columnist and media commentator Ahmed Rehab (@Ahmed_Rehab), will the full support of CAIR-Chicago, in an effort to put a stop to all the misplaced violence and hatred toward the Islamic community. CAIR is an acronym for Council on American-Islamic Relations and is the largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group in the US. Global attention on Muslims increased after the hostage in Algeria which resulted in the death of 81 people and created a negative perception of the Islamic way. The #MyJihad campaign aims to educate the public about the right meaning of the word ?Jihad? as it is practiced by many Muslims around the world. The term actually stands for ?struggling in the way of God?. It attempts to change the way people view the holy war which will hopefully eliminate all negative ideations originating from the issue. myjihad ahmed Despite the recent violence in Algeria, the hashtag still stays true to its objective of creating a distinction between real Jihadists who wish to spread peace and friendship among all nations, regardless of religious background. Here's the current activity on #MyJihad as of this writing and other hashtags used alongside it.

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The campaign focuses on reclaiming the Muslim faith and comparing the features and aspects of traditional Muslim culture and extremists. #MyJihad also wishes to let anti-Muslims understand the true intentions of those who truly follow Allah and others who take matters to the extreme and cause pain and death to fellowmen. President Barack Obama (@BarackObama) openly stated that the Al Qaeda has already been vanquished. The Al Qaeda, being among the extremist Jihadists, should not be misconstrued to represent the entire Muslim nation, which is also composed of peace-loving individuals who wish to put an end to all the killings. People are asked not to believe everything they hear on the news and media and to speak to non-militant Muslims who plan to whitewash the traditional teachings that holy war is justifiable. #MyJihad is now trending well with posts from ordinary Muslims from all over the world who say that they are living godly lives by respecting love and life and rejecting violence as a necessary means to achieve peace. Here are some of the tweets using the hashtag.

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