4 Ways to Monitor Your Hashtag?s Performance

September 11, 2013
hash smallHashtags are among the most used tools on Twitter and other social media networks since these easily drive relevant users to the right topic. Companies are becoming more aware of how their hashtag campaigns fare by using programs and analytics. There are also more basic methods in identifying the various factors that comprise the campaign. These can be adjusted based on the results.

1. Hashtag apps

There are several hashtag applications created that allow businesses to easily track the progress and results of each campaign. Some of the basic apps will show the stream of tweets pertaining to the hashtag you just created. You can see the people who are responding to the hashtag. There may also be tools that let you communicate with participants immediately. You can check lists conveniently as well as determine where the responses originate from.

2. Social analytics tools

These tools are specifically intended to help hashtag makers determine how well their campaigns did within a span of 24 hours up to 7 days or more. You can get clear and accurate information such as the total impressions made and the full reach or extent of the campaign. The recently trending hashtag #PresidentialAddress, for instance, generated 6,900 tweets and over 4 million impressions in 24 hours. Peaking at 5,200 tweets at 8:00pm. #PresidentialAddress refers to the 9/11 commemoration speech US President Barack Obama delivered on September 11, 2013. Some tools will provide graphs and charts so you can compare these with previous and future campaigns. Other tools will even show you the actual tweets from users. In the case of #PresidentialAddress, the top related hashtags are #Obama and #Syria.

3. Actual responses

Other basic methods to check hashtag performance is visiting the conversation and determining how people discuss the topic. A good hashtag will include a number of key users who have a huge following. Users may share photos, good quality content and other online materials that relate well to the issue. Check the tweets and answer questions within a reasonable amount of time. You can also see how well the hashtag did by observing for positive tweets. Your post may be retweeted or shared by others online, thereby spreading your influence immediately. Let's see what people were saying with the hashtag #PresidentialAddress.

4. Search engines

Well-trending hashtags are quite easy to find on search engines. You can try typing the hashtag and see if the search results are positive. Some people may even write blogs or articles about the hashtag if they deem it important or if you?re discussing a vital issue. On Twitter, the top-trending hashtags are posted so that others can easily see it as soon as they log on. Check these four aspects and look for more ways to boost hashtag performance based on response and feedback.

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