How Knowing Tweet Numbers Can Help You

September 27, 2013
Marketers online are realizing the power of hashtag campaigns and realize that they can gain a huge following in just a few days by targeting the right individuals and creating useful and relevant topics to discuss. Promoted hashtags, in particular, can be advantageous for businesses if you wish to create a buzz and expand your network. You can further determine the effectiveness and reach of the campaign by using analytics tools that provide specific and detailed data.

About Promoted Hashtags

Promoted trends generally cost around $120,000 per day, which may be too expensive for small and medium-sized businesses. There are a number of companies that successfully marketed through promoted trends such as Samsung. Promoted tweets or hashtags cost around $15,000 for three months for each advertisement. Despite the high cost, however, marketers can make the most out of the investment by gaining more customers and boosting sales and income significantly. According to reports, 80% of about 6,000 marketing campaigns that invested in Twitter advertising tools like promoted tweets return to get more space. This proves that many businesses can actually recoup their investment quickly, provided they have the right materials and content.

Running a Hashtag Campaign

Begin by setting a budget for the campaign. Determine how long you need to keep the campaign running. Promoted tweets or hashtags are paid for based on CPE or cost-per-engagement. This will guarantee that you are getting your money?s worth. You also avoid overspending on advertising. As soon as the time expires or you set the budget, you only need to wait and monitor the responses from the target audience. The pricing system on Twitter will also be based on bids so marketers will set the maximum amount they wish to spend for each click or follow. There will also be provided suggestions on what to bid to have successful campaigns. Once the bid has been approved, your advertisement will be promoted within the given period. You can continuously monitor the reach and impressions made as well as engage with users by replying and answering questions. The bid can also be adjusted to help you reach your specific marketing objectives. Some of the benefits you can expect through promoted hashtags and tweets include increased followers, amplified conversations and constant visibility. The conversations will increase the range of online discussions significantly so you can engage more potential clients. Your posts will appear in user streams having the same keywords as your tweets. Let's have a look at the recently posted promoted hashtag #RobinWilliamsIsCrazy, so far generating 1,600 tweets on September 26, 2013. What are people saying about it?

Successful Campaigns

Fastfood giant came up with the #Satisfried hashtag to promote its new calorie crinkle cut fries. The hashtag generated as many as 4,600 tweets over the last week. Samsung also recently used promoted hashtag #GalaxyNote3 to create a buzz on the launch of the Galaxy Note 3. Promoted hashtags can lead to long term success and help stabilize your reputation in the marketplace. The amount you pay will usually return exponentially especially if you prepare great content and fine-tune the business strategy.

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