The Headhunter's Guide To Spotting Candidates on Twitter

Twitter has become one of the main platforms used by potential employees. They create online accounts that specifically cater to headhunters, posting relevant information that will show their skills and experience. As a headhunter, you have to be watchful over these accounts since you can find some of the most talented and hardworking individuals that will serve as assets in your company. Other elements and features on Twitter can also guide you to the right candidates, such as hashtags and tags. Some individuals may not primarily set up their Twitter profile to find a job, but you can later on discover their potential and given them an offer that might turn out to be an opportunity for both parties.

The Basic Twitter Techniques

1. Direct recruitment

Headhunters will primarily find some of the most qualified candidates by recruiting on Twitter. Post that you are looking for applicants for a certain position in a department in your company. Including a link to your website or add a photo will attract more interactions and bring in more potential employees with real skills and talent. Adding a link or photo will make the post look more legitimate and appealing. Indicate how the applicants should get in touch. Provide some guidelines and instructions and see which ones can best follow these.

2. Find other recruiters

Headhunters can also collaborate with other seekers so you can share and refer qualified individuals depending on the industry and specific objectives and needs of the company. You can meet some top headhunters on Twitter. Build connections with these experts and maintain communication. Also do them a favor and forward some excellent applicants who will be more compatible with what they?re looking for. Many of these recruiters will create hashtags where others can share information, as with #jobhunters.

More Social Media Approaches

3. Share information

Post some useful related content online to see some potential employees share their own articles and acquired data. You will come across some industrious and knowledgeable individuals who have the background and experience to contribute more to your company. The account @Gozaik is a great source of information. Start a hashtag about a specific topic pertaining to the objectives of your company then find out more about the people who join and share information. Observe the language and manner of communicating. Also see how well some people use social media tools and features to get others interested. Look for leaders who have a huge following because of the relevance of the data they post and their online strategies.

4. Join conversations

There are several hashtags on Twitter where you can see some potential employees. An example is #amazingemployees where people provide referrals to individuals including their personal information, job qualifications and experience. You can personally talk to these people through Twitter chats and see how dedicated they are to the industry. Learn more about their concepts and principles and observe their online behavior. A good account to follow is Job Hunters (@WatchJobHunters).

5. Start an event

Creating an event on Twitter will bring in relevant employees who have the skills, knowledge and tools to contribute much to your business. You should provide a clear schedule and the activities involved. Assess the manner of communicating as well as the work ethics of these individuals based on the information you acquire in the discussions. You can also meet others who will be willing to contribute to the event by sharing information and garnering responses from relevant clients. These are the very people you will need to grow your business.

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