Twitter Went Into Hashtag Mania as the #Oscars2014 Unfolded

March 4, 2014
As the Oscars unfolded, Twitter predictably exploded. For the 2014 Academy Awards, several hashtags were created where fans discussed their favorite stars, lauded or picked on their fashion statements, as well as the trophies garnered. The event was held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles with Ellen Degeneres hosting. The hashtag #Oscars was the main hashtag used by movie fanatics to get the latest updates on their favorite stars and movies for 2014. Another hashtag, #Oscars2014 was also created to talk about the 86th Oscars ceremony specifically. Degeneres also had a hashtag of her own created by fans - #Ellen. #Oscars peaked at over 179,000 tweets while the more specific #Oscars2014 hit a high of almost 599,000 tweets. The hashtags #MyOscarPick and #OscarNoms were also trending well, where social media users shared their picks for Best Picture and other top awards. Some of the top choices on the hashtag included ?12 Years a Slave?, ?Gravity? and ?The Wolf of Wall Street?. There were also plenty of hashtags named after the actual nominated movies like #Gravity, #WolfofWallStreet, #BlueJasmine, #Frozen and #DallasBuyersClub. For Best Picture, the hashtag #BestPicture involved a lot of images, tweets and comments on viewer?s favorites. The 86th Academy Awards capped the night by announcing ?12 Years a Slave? Best Picture. The hashtag #12YearsASlave trended well on social media sites (peaking at 31,800 tweets), congratulating director Steve McQueen and the star-studded cast which includes Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender. For Best Director, fans resorted to the hashtag #BestDirector, sharing their picks and eventually congratulating Alfonso Cuaron for winning the award. Other hashtags relating to the specific award included #Gravity and #12YearsASlave, where fans cheered for their preferred winners. For Best Actress in a Leading Role, #BlueJasmine was trending in support of Cate Blanchett, who eventually nabbed the award. #BestActress was also trending well on Twitter as followers shared their top picks to most likely win the award. For the Best Actor award, the hashtag #BestActor was trending well on Twitter, where fans raved about their favorites like Leonardo DiCaprio. Matthew McConaughey was finally announced the winner for his role in Dallas Buyers Club and social media users continued to congratulate the star via tweets.? The hashtag #Leo was also made by fans who believed it was the actor?s time to finally get an Oscar award. As you can see from the tweet volume, there was a clamor for #Leo to win; but while he trends online, unfortunately for fans, Twitter is not a 100-percent predictor of competition results. For Best Supporting Actor, #DallasBuyersClub and #BestSupportingActor were trending well after Jared Leto bagged the award. Fans talked about his impassionate speech about violence in Ukraine and Venezuela. On the other hand, the hashtag #BestSupportingActress was also full of tweets congratulating the winner Lupita Nyong?o for her role in ?12 Years a Slave?.  

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