#MileyAssSmallerThan What? When Bad Behavior Drives A Trend

August 30, 2013
Miley Cyrus shocked the whole world after her controversial performance at the recent 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Several hashtags were made, talking about her sudden change in form and how the ex -Disney-star resembles Lady Gaga more nowadays. One particular hashtag #MileyAssSmallerThan, was trending well among others. It focuses on the pop star?s unappealing behind as several shots were taken of her when she stripped down to a vinyl bikini while rubbing a giant foam finger against Robin Thicke?s nether regions during the performance. Miley sang her hit ?We Can?t Stop?, sticking her tongue out several times and shaking her butt in between lines. Robin Thicke followed to sing with Cyrus. Many were debating whether Thicke was bothered by her antics and also posted memes and hashtags about it. Will Smith?s family?s reaction to the shocking performance was one of the most used photos. She was trending over 300 tweets a minute which was largely comparable to the Superbowl. See how #MileyAssSmallerThan trended alongside top related hashtags #VMAs and #MTVVMAs. Other related hashtags even include #StayStrongBillyRayCyrus, #MileyBootyLookLike and even #BreakingBad. #MileyAssSmallerThan started to trend well on Twitter as social media users started to criticize the artist?s rather small behind which was not at all worth ?twerking?. Memes and videos were posted on the hashtag, comparing Miley?s buttocks with that of a chicken or an apple. There were also comments on how her backside looks much like the smallest violin in the world or a ?black girl?s ponytail?. Others took the opportunity to talk about good and bad parenting and how children should be monitored closely at present, considering the consequences of television and the internet. To date, the hashtag has generated as many as 229,600 tweets and 311 million impressions.

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