Another Episode of #Scandal Makes It A Trend Yet Again

October 10, 2014
Another new episode of #Scandal, ABC's hit television show which delves into the lives of a fictional crisis management firm as well as the Executive branch of the United State's government. Originally premiering back in mid-2012, the series has already gone through 3 whole seasons plus the 4th season broadcasting currently. The latest season aired on September 25th, 2014. Today, October 9th was the showing of the latest episode. chart As seen in the graph, #Scandal caused quite the stir in social media. Packed with drama, emotions, and of course, scandalous events, the latest episode aroused quite intense feelings from followers of the show. Running from approximately 8PM to 9PM Central Standard Time, the Tweet rate remained relatively steady. Viewers were obviously shocked or excited during the opening and the action remained during the whole thing. Many related comments were thrown out at the peak rates around 8:05, 8:25, 8:35, and near the end at 8:45 PM?suggesting that ABC kept to their reputation by adding more twists and turns in the mix to keep?#Scandal fans?entertained. Perhaps the ending wasn't quite as memorable for the Tweeters though as the rate dropped significantly after the last peak. Perhaps this is just because people were even too shocked to Tweet about it. Still, there were plenty of exciting moments to be discussed as the Tweets kept rolling throughout all of the #Scandal episode. With the consistent trend, people were watching closely the entire show, stopping only to share their feelings and opinions about what scandalous event began to unravel. personal tweet 2 personal tweet tweet 3 tweet 4 tweet 5 Even the television station ABC kept its #Scandal?followers updated in case they missed anything. They certainly played along with the plot. Kerry Washington, one of the major stars of the series even contributed to the trend. abc tweet 2 abc tweet 3 abc tweet 4 abc tweet 5 ABC tweet This?tremendous Twitter trend suggests that the show will remain one of the top shows ABC currently has to offer and will certainly maintain a growing fan base. Thanks to this social media trend, perhaps even more people will learn about #Scandal and add to that fan base. As the season progresses, maybe the show will have an even bigger impact on the latest Twitter trends.  

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