#Gotham Premiere

September 23, 2014
#Gotham is a new Fox show that is set in Batman's city of, well, Gotham. Hence the name Gotham! ?Fox has really been excited for this TV show and has been promoting it for a while. gothamtweet1 #Gotham is featuring James Gordon and the background behind all of the characters in Batman. The main premise behind the show is how Commissioner Gordon got from a rookie detective all the way to commissioner of Gotham. Gordon deals with all of the iconic villains in Batman before Batman comes to help. Batman itself covers a lot of things, but the background and the story behind the story has always been a sort of mystery. Fox is looking to clear that up with their new show. Not only are they filling in background information on Gordon, but also on the villains of the show. It seems to be covering the evolutions and the reasons behind the menace of the villains. It seems that the show will mainly focus on James Gordon and his rise though out the police field. People seem to have mainly positive reactions to the show, with just a few complaints of the show introducing too many villains in the pilot. gothamtweet4 gothamtweet3 In fact, many people were seeing the reactions of people on Twitter, as it became a serious trending topic at the top of the Twitter list, and questioning what it was. gothamtweet2 That also shows the impact Twitter can have on marketing, as a side note, because if people see the topic, they will most likely try to figure out what it is about, and may also join in with the other people viewing it.
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It is visible at the massive spike in tweets as the show progressed, showing that people were excited about the possibilities the show introduced in the premiere. The show airs on Fox at 8/7 central. Feature photo thanks to Kevin Dooley

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