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April 15, 2015
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The singing competition television show, American Idol, is taking the vote to the people. Each week #Idol gives television viewers the power to vote for their favorite singer of the bottom two vote-getters from the prior week's competition. This process is called the "Idol Fan Save." Whomever of the two receives the most votes will carry forward to the next week's competition.

How Does the Idol Fan Save Work?

After the top vote-getters are shared and they perform, the bottom two are announced. Host Ryan Seacrest them choses one of the two to perform and tells the audience to use a "save" hashtag. The process is then repeated for the second of the two bottom contestants.

What is a Save Hashtag?

The save hashtag is a conjunction of two words: the word "save" and the first name of each contestant. So, for example, on the American Idol show that aired on April 8, 2015, Rayvon Owen and Qaasim Middleton battled for the Twitter Save. Using Hashtags.org Analytics, you could have compared #SaveRayvon to #SaveQaasim and had the answer before Seacrest announced it:

#SaveRayvon #SaveQaasim Twitter Save on American Idol

Even a few days after the save, people were still buzzing on Twitter about the save. You can view associated hashtags to #Idol.

Most Popular American Idol Hashtags

Find Out Who Won Before It's Announced

Hashtags.org Analytics collects data in real time. You need an upgraded account, but if you're a social media manager it's well worth the investment. For those in the audience who are not able to watch on the East Coast or Central time zones, you can follow @AmericanIdol on Twitter to find out which contestants are in the bottom two. Five minutes are elapsed while votes are made on Twitter live during the show. If you're going to post the results before the results are public, be sure to mark your post as a SPOILER!

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